Technology has changed, but so has people’s approach to commanding the site

Technology has changed, but so has people's approach to commanding the site

Marcel Vlask has been working as a police officer practically since the beginning of his life. He joined on November 1, 1992. I remember that date for a long time because two weeks later I joined as the current commander.

If we were to compare the real old days of the city police to today, how does this compare?
On the one hand, time is elsewhere, technology has developed, and people have changed a lot during that time. It’s a big difference. First, thanks to technology, for example, efficiency at work has advanced significantly. It’s about time. On the other hand, I think it’s a problem of the whole society, people’s attitudes have changed. When we started, how should they do, Saran. They were very keen to cut our work.

We got a DM outside and there was a lot of work on it. Building permits are issued and you need to paint. That’s what the after-hours wanderers did to themselves. Today it is unimaginable. She lost her will to interact. I don’t know if this is the attitude towards it, but it is a general trend in the society. Meetings at work were related to this. People respected him. There was a little innocence about it. Things were done in such a way that, from the point of view of the legislation of the day, they did not last, and now it is a formality. But that was the time. And people learned a lot of new things along the way. And so it is, with the people I work with today, I work great! Instead, assign a task and get paid for it.

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You have been in command since 2000. Do you think a person should be popular with the public and colleagues even in view of unpopular activities?
Probably not. People have to be public if they want to be noticed by others. This is natural and I am no exception. But the fact is that he cannot gain full popularity while working with the people. If he was, it wasn’t full time. Remember to be respected if not admired by the commander. As far as public relations are concerned, there are few people who view the city police positively and appreciate what they do. But we have only one restrictive provision, two fines, which always evokes negative feelings in people. Then you may have a discount on our address. They tend to personify the organization in the person of the commander. So sometimes I can carry that in their thoughts. But with that I learned T.

How does Prohlen make you the best person you can be with the city police?
I don’t know what song to put on this doc. Maybe I have bad form. For example, I have no problem with someone declaring that the city police have no control. The reasons for not seeing are whether it is your personal situation or the fact that some control is ineffective. So until you realize when someone notices something is wrong. But it annoys me when the criticism is on a personal level. That would apply to anything in general. If someone says that foreigners are stupid. That is not true. Many of them are highly qualified and well educated in this field. Criticism on a personal level is good.

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Conversely, is there something that always sweats?
I always sweat when people wear those work and horseshoes. Or call. People and their work are often taken for granted. That’s why it’s great that someone realizes and expresses that the city police or a certain website helped him. And there are many such pads.

The word technology came up several times in our conversation. Was Karlovy Vary City Police a pioneer in that, or could it be?
It’s not exactly a technological gadget, but Karlovy Vary was one of the first cities where bicycle patrols appeared on the streets, followed by Segway patrols. When we photographed them in 2012, there were critics who claimed they would soon be famous on the streets. The opposite is true. The original Segway is still around. In summer, they are a real helper. You wouldn’t know that we were among the first to install payment terminals in cars. Or laptops where parties can work remotely. Then go offline. Time has progressed and today you can work in real time thanks to tablets.

When you watch the most diverse American series, do you not see that a few of your colleagues investigate crime science in their work?
I’m not set. Also, America is a completely different culture and mentality. Criminalistics is at our Prosecutor’s Office of the Czech Republic Police. Which, in my opinion, is completely wrong. But that’s how we get into criminal work. For guys from the branch, it’s a good adrenaline rush when you beat (punch the criminal, author’s note) and hand it over to your colleagues from the police station. So I don’t see my American colleagues. My work is set differently, send me another one.

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