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Facebook, Google, Twitter
EU court upholds Belgian court ruling on Facebook appeal (Image: REUTERS / Archive)

Facebook (FB) And other large Silicon Valley companies will face more oversight and sanctions European Union After the block’s main court upheld the proceedings against the national privacy supervisors.

As Google (GOOGL), Twitter e Apple (AAPL), Facebook is headquartered in the EU Ireland, Overseen by the Irish Data Protection Regulator in accordance with privacy laws known as GDPR.

An EU court has ruled that a Belgian data regulator has no authority over a Belgian data regulator in a case involving the tracking of Belgian users through cookies stored on the company’s social applications.

“Under certain conditions, a National Supervisory Authority may exercise jurisdiction to bring any violation of GDPR to the jurisdiction of the Member State, even if it is not the primary oversight authority,” the court said.

The judges said the terms included regulators who comply with the cooperation and consistency procedures specified in the GDPR, and that violations had taken place in the EU country in question.

Several national vigilantes in the 27-member European Union have long complained about their Irish rival, saying the cases take too long to decide.

Ireland has denied allegations that it has to be too careful when dealing with powerful and well-funded tech giants.

Includes current cases in Ireland Instagram e WhatsApp, As well as Twitter, Apple, Verizon Media, LinkedIn Digital Advertiser Quantcast.

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