Researchers say ocean currents around Antarctica have accelerated significantly over the past few decades, showing that global oceans are absorbing more and more heat due to global warming.

Scientists have observed a large change in the westerly currents (Antarctic Circular Polar Current, ACC) around Antarctica, thus creating a barrier around the mild subtropical waters to the north and cold waters to the south, helping to maintain temperatures around the frozen continent. .

A Climate network According to experts, the measurements show that the flow of ACC has begun to accelerate. This is because the subtropical waters north of the stream have absorbed significant amounts of heat due to global warming. Since the 1970s, the oceans have absorbed and stored more than 90 percent of the heat generated by greenhouse gases. This is especially true for the South Seas, through which the ACC also flows.

Scientists have noticed that this excess heat increases the temperature difference between the two water bodies separated by the stream, which in turn accelerates the ACC.

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A Natural climate change According to the results of measurements published in the journal Science.

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The movement of the ACC is largely controlled by the wind, but there are indications that the temperature difference may now have a greater effect on it. Experts say the flow has accelerated significantly in recent decades. All this This is the opposite of what happens in the Gulf Stream: professionals there are afraid it will stop, and doing so could have unpredictable consequences..

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