Technologies in Major League Baseball for the 2022-23 Season

For many years, the sporting industry has been looking for ways to improve with various technological innovations. Over the years, the top leagues have been implementing innovative ideas, and as a result, fans have gotten more and enjoyed their favorite sports more. In that case, the leagues are better. 

Like what we’ve seen with online casino games and how technology has revolutionized the gaming world, Major League Baseball and other top sports leagues have enjoyed a much more exciting gambling experience. We expect the gambling world to improve as various sports leagues gain more popularity. 

Technologies have become more focused on developing various industries, and we’re getting more from technology. It is incredibly better than what we had before, and because of that, we can expect it to keep improving. For the 2022-23 season, we believe MLB will only enjoy more success with technological innovations.

As the season progresses, we expect technological innovations to play a significant role in the progress and make the league more enjoyable. So, in this article, let’s check out some technological innovations that are making MLB better this season without wasting time. 

Automated Ball/Strike System

Since 2019, MLB has announced a partnership with ALPB to test the new rules to observe the impact of future changes and tools. As a result, we got the Automated Ball and Strike system or ABS. With the test being successful in 2019, the league began to use the system, but it went on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

However, since the relaxation of the lockdown and the league returning to its full glory, the ABS system will return, and the 2022-23 season will enjoy this top-notch innovative idea. We expect it to become a big part of the season, and the data it provides will also help to create room for improvement.  

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Video Playback 

Replays have continued to play a significant role in sports for many years. As a result, many leagues keep looking for ways to use replays and playback to ensure that fans enjoy the game and can tell if the umpires have become negligent. Also, there has been a rise in mobile usage, with the MLB application becoming more practical. 

In that case, we’ve seen further developments to aid the excitement of following the game. One of these developments is the IOS SwiftUI, which the league uses to improve video playback in iOS devices. So, fans with Apple iPhones and other iOS devices can try to enjoy this exciting innovation throughout this season. 


Since 2020, the league has decided to try its hands at a more improved data collection solution. As a result, Statcast was introduced, leveraging Google Cloud and Hawkeye innovations. With the Hawk-Eye system, there has been an improvement in accuracy. Player, pitch, and hit tracking have also become more accessible. 

As a result, we expect a more improved solution in 2023. This season will feature Statcast, and with machine learning and AI proving to be one of the top technological solutions, the league will keep enjoying an improved Statcast. Even newbies can follow the game and understand what is happening quickly. So, it is expected to be an incredible year. 

Clustering Algorithms

With Statcast becoming a primary part of the league, many data points are captured, and we can only continue to analyze them for a more improved system that will help create a better league. As a result, clustering algorithms were introduced to identify the distinct pitcher release points for a more improved stat collection. 

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We expect the 2022-23 season to give us more insight into the game, which will be incredible for bettors looking to try their luck on games. Also, it would make world series betting easier since we’ll be able to gather enough points from the start of the season to the end. As a result, this season should have more to offer. 

Social Media

Over the years, social media have played a massive role in different industries as organizations look to explore the potential of connecting to various people. In MLB, we expect social media to continue to enhance the experience and make the competition fiercer. 

Fans and other stakeholders will continue to share their feelings; undoubtedly, some of the suggestions will help shape the league. As a result, we expect more from the league as more people find their way to the league through various social media platforms. 

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