Technical Tips: Secretly read any WhatsApp message without turning off the ‘blue tick’; The sender does not even need an address Technical Tips: Secretly read any WhatsApp message without turning off the ‘blue tick’; Even the sender does not know it

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In this age of the internet and ever-evolving technology, it has become much easier to stay connected. Today we have many apps that are used for chatting and voice-video calling. One name that comes to mind in these apps is WhatsApp. You must be chatting on WhatsApp too. Today we are going to learn a very interesting trick related to WhatsApp.

We use many features in WhatsApp. But the app is mainly used for chatting. Today we are going to learn about a strategy that can secretly read WhatsApp messages on your phone, which goes unnoticed even by the person in front of you. The special feature is that you can read these messages even if you turn off WhatsApp Read Receipt or Blue Ticks.

Whatsapp with important steps to enhance the security of the users; New features will help

We are going to learn how to read a message without telling anyone without doing any tricks. Usually there is an option to turn off WhatsApp reading receipts, so the ‘double ticks’ next to your message will not turn blue when you view the message. But if you turn off reading receipts, you will not see a blue tick on someone else’s message.

First, open WhatsApp on your smartphone and then turn on the flight mode of the smartphone before opening the message you want to secretly read. Then open the message and read it, then close the app. Before removing the phone from Flight Mode, do not forget to remove WhatsApp from Multi Tab. Now turn off the flight mode of the phone. This way, even after reading the message, the blue tick will not appear in the message of the person in front of you, you can read the message secretly.

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