Technical problem with ‘boat’; The space station lost control and the launch was postponed

Technical problem with 'boat';  The space station lost control and the launch was postponed

Moscow: NASA has postponed the launch of the Boeing CST-100 Starliner capsule to be sent to the International Space Station. NASA has announced that Boeing’s launch has been delayed due to a technical glitch in the spacecraft, a new Russian laboratory module to the space station.

One day before the launch of the Atlas V rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, NASA announced that the launch of StarLiner has been postponed. The launch was postponed to August 3 after the problems at the space station were resolved immediately.

The Russian spacecraft crashed just hours after it was added to the space station the previous day. Problems are caused by accidental jet thrusters in the module. Joel Montalbano, NASA’s space station program manager, said the space station’s orbit was also adversely affected by the orbit.

The space station lost control about 45 minutes earlier. It was later reported that communication with the space station in Moscow could be restored. At the same time, it is not yet clear how the jet thrusters worked. Tests continue.

The space station has seven astronauts: Russia (two), NASA (three), Japan (one) and the European Space Agency (one). He lost contact with the space station twice during the crash. At the same time, there were no injuries to the passengers. NASA said there was no damage to the space station and there was no cause for concern.

Kathy Luders, NASA’s Associate Administrator, said the current situation needs to be fully assessed before adding a new module to the International Space Station. They also said that there would be no launch of Starliner until then.

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content highlgihts: International Space Station goes out of control due to misunderstanding of Russian module: NASA

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