Technical inspection of two-wheelers: Government turns

Technical inspection of two-wheelers: Government turns

A day after the introduction of technical restrictions on two-wheelers from 2023, the Ministry of Transport announced on Wednesday that it would suspend the move until further notice, “not to harass the French”, justifying the AFP to the AFP.

At the request of the European Union and applicable in many neighboring countries, this two-year regulation was introduced on Wednesday in accordance with the order that the oldest motorcycles and two-wheelers will come into effect gradually from 2023.

The move, published in the Official Journal of Official Hearts in the summer, provoked the displeasure of biker federations.

“After finding this amount, the President of the Republic decided that it was not the time to harass the French,” an adviser to the executive told AFP. “The health crisis, the pass, we are already asking for a lot. We can secure the French without a nuisance in their daily lives, as a precaution without membership on their part.”

After talks with Emmanuel Macron on Thursday morning, Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste D’Jabari agreed that the federal federations should meet again at the beginning of the school year, “this is not a ministry priority.”

This new technical regulation was to affect all motor vehicles with two, three and four wheels, 50 cm3 scooters and unlicensed cars. For cars introduced in 1992, the technical control must be performed at an authorized center and renewed every two years or before the vehicle is resold.

In the spring of 2021, thousands of motorcyclists protested loudly across France against the implementation of this technical regulation, urging the state to deviate from this European directive.

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Bike riders have expressed their opposition to the Paris parking reform, which will provide paid parking for thermal motorized two-wheelers from 2022.

– 2014 Suggestion –

The Scoot Association in Ross welcomed the decision Thursday morning, saying it had “collapsed from the lap of years of public authority and had until then been exhausted in front of the biker lobby”.

“This is absolutely a shame!”, He responded to the association on Twitter in the afternoon. “How can the minority @ Emmanuel Macron be harmed by various harassment and millions of victims against the European directives of 2014? We strongly condemn this face.”

This restriction is “obvious because it is unimaginable to allow other users to drive on dangerous roads,” the association said.

In order to combat accidents and pollution, the European Commission issued a 2014 regulation of technical control of two- and three-wheeled motor vehicles with a cylinder capacity of more than 125 cm 3 with effect from 1 January 2022.

The European proposal cites several dozen checkpoints related to brakes, tires, lighting or noise.

According to the European Federation of Motorcycle Associations, most European countries have implemented this technical regulation for motorcycles. Only Finland, Ireland and the Netherlands have adopted alternative measures for road fitness testing to reduce the number of accidents.

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