“Tech giants’ choices are detrimental to jobs,” says economist Darren Asemoglu

"Tech giants' choices are detrimental to jobs," says economist Darren Asemoglu

New factory. – You have done a lot of work in automation. What do you think about the impact this will have on employment?

Darren Asemoglu. – Automation has been a major factor in productivity growth over the past century, but it is a very specific technology. It replaces the work of human machines. This favors capital to destroy labor. Excludes low skilled workers, but less skilled … I have always emphasized this unequal aspect of automation. What makes the recent difference is the fact that major technological changes are affecting this aspect. The development of technologies that are not a substitute for work but participate in the creation of new jobs, for example increased reality will be more useful to human beings. Much of the labor demand is driven by new jobs. In the last thirty years, we have not created enough in the United States as in Europe.

Is this the reason for the declining productivity in western countries?


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