‘Tech companies deceive humanity’

'Tech companies deceive humanity'

Tech companies have misled mankind by claiming to be able to connect Internet To large areas via satellites, the president said Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

From Chilpansingo, the executive head stated that he did not have the technology to integrate the network into the wild, mountainous areas of Oaxaca or Guerrero, although he himself was led to believe it was possible.

“I take the opportunity from here to express with all sincerity that they have deceived the people. I believe this is a problem not only of Mexico but also of the world. They have deceived mankind through a lot of propaganda. Technological progress, but the facts are very small. .

“That’s not what he’s saying: it’s going to cost a lot. No, because we’re willing to allocate resources, because it’s a fundamental one. Internet communication is a revolution. They still have no answer. There is no technology, “said the Mexican president.

He acknowledged that connecting the entire country to the Internet remained an unfulfilled promise.

“Yes, it is technically complex, but communicating with Mexico over the Internet across the national territory is very important, in advance, and can be overwhelming.

“This is an unresolved issue. We have not made any progress here. It is not because of a lack of budget, not because of a lack of political will, it is a problem for us, a lack of technology,” the chief said.

He reiterated that connectivity to the network needs to be addressed through physical infrastructure, transmitting signals using fiber optics, antennas and repeaters.

He honestly considered the decision to withdraw the advertising company led by Carlos Slim because he said it was wrong and claimed it had spread across the country.

“I think Carlos Slim is a demonstration of honesty and sincere attitude, because they had a message, a commodity that said, ‘Mexico is a telco territory,’ and I said to him: ‘Carlos, this is not right, you can.’ I can communicate, we have no signal, you should look for a long-term signal that can speak, and he ordered the commercial removal of Lopez Obrador.


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