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Teams have released a new integrated survey app

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It seems that Microsoft is still not learning in some areas and duplication is still its unfinished business. even though, This story is different and amazing. A few months after integrating the service Forms Will now be offered within teams A survey app To offer the same. However, in this case there is an explanation.

Teams surveys will have their own application

Microsoft has announced that it will soon be launching a new application Voting for Microsoft teams. However, the app is not new, but only a modification of the form features that Microsoft has come up with as an app for teams.

Microsoft said they saw it in terms of feedback and telemetry People did not know the forms. In other words, an application is available for conducting surveys and questionnaires, and users are not aware of its existence or its usefulness.

That’s why Microsoft is now offering the best experience it can offer A new application for internal surveys Microsoft teams. Of course, the form data will not be lost to those who used it. The same functionality is available and there is no need to migrate data. Simply put, Microsoft wants users to specify and use the service.

The “new” app will launch into team meetings in October. It will then reach chats by mid-October, and the rollout is expected to end in November. It’s amazing how many times we have a lot of tools, but if they don’t present themselves well to people, it means they haven’t been used.

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