Teams are looking for supporters – liberation

Teams are looking for supporters - liberation
Euro D Football 2020 (and 2021)Dossier

The embargo, which will take effect in England, will prevent the mass relocation of Spanish, Italian and Danish followers to London, the scene of the Euro finals. An injustice to Italian coach Roberto Mancini.

Semi-finals and final: London legend Wembley will host the final three matches of Euro 2021 football from this Tuesday. As for England’s rivals, who are still in dispute, the 60,000 – strong crowd is neutral, and it’s absolutely hostile when it comes to challenging the Three Lions.

A quota of places has been set for eligible countries. But the restrictions in force in England in the face of Covid-19 lasted five to ten days, which would have forced each supporter to go to London five days before the meeting, at least. Either before the quarterfinals.

“If I want to be completely honest, this is very unfair. We like to play in front of an audience rather than in front of a few people. That is the essence of football and sports. But it is very unfair that half of the stadium does not have Italian fans and the other half Spanish fans. ” Italian coach Roberto Mancini mourned on Monday, just before the first semi-final between his country and Spain.

Twenty-nine-year-old Sunday, July 11 The same situation will arise with more intensity for Denmark to keep the hope of a headline. England will have to overcome Wednesday and its supporting crowd. In 1992 at Loadrup.

Expatriates to the rescue

The Spanish and Italian football federations were reminded in several press releases in recent days that these health laws were not subject to these restrictions and appealed to their citizens living in the United Kingdom and Ireland. La Roja and La Nacional are trying to come to their aid.

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On Monday, June 28, when the Blues were in dispute and preparing to face Switzerland in Bucharest, Sports Minister Representative Roxana Maracinanu advised the French fans to go to St. Petersburg, where the French team was involved in the dispute. , Due to poor health in the Russian city. “If the supporters go straight from Bucharest to St. Petersburg, they will have to stay on board when they return to France, which will force them to play in the semi – finals at Wembley, if we qualify.” She added cautiously.

This situation is also a stepping stone in UEFA’s garden, and the euro spread across eleven different countries. The idea, developed by Michael Platini in 2012 to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the Continental Tournament, prevents a country from bearing the cost of hosting a tournament, taking on the full impact of the Covid Pandemic, which has changed his role. A year later, the movement of supporters was interrupted.

In the footsteps of inequality

This pan-European tournament had other repercussions due to the unequal behavior of the 24 participating countries. Nine of them played all of their first round rounds at home, while others increased their travels, sometimes over thousands of kilometers. The case of Switzerland is exemplary in this regard: the Blues’ executioners played their first match in Bacchus, and their second match in Rome will remain in Bucharest, which they took out of France before returning to Azerbaijan for the final day of the group stage, finishing their journey on Friday against St. Spain in St. Petersburg.

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In contrast, the four nations that qualified for the last four have the privilege of playing their first three home games: Seville, Spain, Italy in Rome, Denmark in Copenhagen and England in London. The Three Lions beat Germany in the 16th round in front of their Wembley home crowd, moving only once in Rome last weekend. All four escaped the intense heat surrounding some of the meetings. We remember the afternoon in Budapest with a 35 C blues shocking.

“For me, England remains a big favorite in this format.” Belgium coach Roberto Martinez reported after the group stage. “You know very well that playing at home is a great achievement when the matches are close at the look-out stage.” Developed by a Spanish technician.

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