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Teachers at Victor-Hugo Elementary School in Ireland

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The Erasmus+ program is not only an exchange program between students, it also affects the mobility of teachers. Each year they are awarded a grant to facilitate an exchange to study or improve the language of Shakespeare.

At Victor-Hugo Elementary School, the new director, Delphine Vrylak, continued the work undertaken by her predecessor, allowing six teachers and two students with disabilities to travel to Irish soil.

After receiving the file and signing an agreement with the rectorate, teachers attended English improvement courses during a school vacation. Then the aim is to convey this learning to the children. Learned mornings filled with city visits, museums, hikes, and relaxing afternoons… a unique opportunity to meet fifty European teachers who came to Ireland with the same vision as their Bessan counterparts.

In fact, the second part of the job will be finding partner schools so that kids can match each other remotely. Thanks to this experience, contacts were maintained in anticipation of the arrival of European teachers in Bessan.

After these meetings, teachers will do everything possible to consider the mobility of children to European partner schools in the near future. Until then, this work will take a long time to establish and will require great participation from the teaching staff, children and families, not forgetting the precious support of the municipality.

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