Te Dum: “God’s power is stronger than our selfishness”

Te Dum: "God's power is stronger than our selfishness"

Through the gesture of the Good Samaritan, perhaps “we can find a ‘meaning’ about this drama, which is contagious: it fosters in us compassion, closeness, and solidarity. Cardinal Dean Giovanni Batista re-reads Pope Francis’ tribute to Vespers

Jane Nogara – Vatican News

This year is the traditional celebration of the first Vespers of the solitude of Mary, the Mother of God Gods At St. Peter’s Basilica, Cardinal Dean Giovanni Batista r. At the ceremony, the cardinal read Pope Francis’ homicide and was unable to attend because of the painful sciatica.

The Pope’s homage begins with a thank you:

“This afternoon, I want to say a little thank you for the year that is coming to an end.” Francisco thinks: “At the end of a year marked by a pandemic like this, it seems almost shocking to be compelled to give thanks to God”, however, he continues – one might ask: “What is the meaning of a play like this?” We must not be in a hurry to answer this question “because the Holy Father continues:” God’s answer follows the path of incarnation, for the Antiphon of the Magnificent will soon sing: ‘For the great love which he loved us, God sent forth his Son into the flesh of sin’ “.

Good Samaritan

The pope suggests the gesture of a Samaritan who can find a “meaning” for the play:

“The good Samaritan, when he met that poor half-dead man on the road, did not make a speech to explain what had happened to him.” He adds: “The Samaritan, out of compassion, leaned upon the stranger, and treated him like a brother, caring for him and doing all he could.”

“Here, yes, perhaps this epidemic drama and other scourges affecting humanity can find a ‘meaning’: to instill in us sympathy and provoke attitudes and gestures of intimacy, care and solidarity.”

The Pope thanked Cardinal Re for reading about the good things that happened in Rome during the last months of the epidemic:

“Many tried to bear the burden of the trial with their daily efforts, animated by love for others. “For the blessing and the praise of God are brotherly love.”

In addition to health professionals, priests, and religious people, a special thank you is highlighted:

“Everyone who strives every day to better serve their family and the public good”, that is, school administrators, teachers, and public administrators who place the public good above personal or partisan interests. Despite the very complex situation, they “sought the good of all from the most backward”.

God’s grace and mercy

“All this – as Francis continues in his cardinal re-reading – cannot happen without grace, without the mercy of God.”

“Then how can so many people find the strength to care for others without any reward other than good? What motivates them to give something about themselves, their own comforts, time and belongings to others? ”

Stop thinking:

“Deep, deep, even though they do not think for themselves, it is the power of God that drives them, which is stronger than our selfishness.”

That is why we praise Him, because we believe and know that all the good that we do daily on earth comes from Him. As we look to the future that awaits us, we beg again: “May your mercy always be with us, and we hope in you.”

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