Taxes: Apple Corruption in France in 2021

Taxes: Apple Corruption in France in 2021

Apple’s strategy seems to have paid off once again. With a capitalization of 200 2.200 billion, France will pay only 4 4 million in taxes in 2021, according to reports. Challenges, Monday, June 13 The Apple brand has paid only a few million euros for the operation of Apple stores in France. This tax level is related to the results of Apple’s subsidiary in France, which regulates sales activity in the brand’s store.

However, Apple seems to be experiencing a significant drop in sales in France as its sales continue to grow. The second is to increase from 708 million euros in 2020 to 565 million in 2021, while the Apple brand has never sold so many products in France. In fact, Apple would have developed a more effective tax optimization strategy that would allow it to limit taxes in France. Nothing very new, the brand is already segregated to pay very little tax in existing countries. Simply put, the company regulates most of its operations in France, taxing Ireland, where Europe is headquartered.

To achieve such a low tax rate, Apple took advantage of a reorganization that took place during the epidemic. ‚ÄúSome employees of shops that have been closed for a long time have changed jobs during this period. […] They answered calls in France and made sales over the telephone, “explains Albin Wolfo, a spokesman for the company’s CFDT union.

This accounting hand-me-down explains why Apple is able to continue its sales growth in France, while the company is announcing declining results – paying only a few million euros in taxes to France.

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We are talking about the GAFA tax

Digital giants take full advantage of the dematerialization of their operations to reduce their taxes. Because GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), more broadly the multinational companies of the digital economy are deployed in different areas, but they have one thing in common: offering their services on the web allows them to find their headquarters socially. Media in another country where their users are located.

Such a low level of taxation can only revive the debate over the famous digital tax. It will impose a 15% tax on all companies with a turnover of at least 50 750 million, from which dubious companies can no longer escape. Unless the implementation of this tax is slow to materialize. According to the latest news, the OECD is considering implementing a digital tax globally. The best in 2024.

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