Tax evasion: In 2018, German tax authorities lost about 21 billion euros

Tax evasion: In 2018, German tax authorities lost about 21 billion euros

According to a recent survey, corporate tax evasion is particularly difficult for Germany. In total, the tax authorities lose more than 21 21 billion a year because international corporations divert profits made in this country abroad and thus save on taxes.

Economists Gabriel Suckman, Thomas Torslow and Ludwig Wire account for 29 percent of total German corporate tax revenue. “Missing Profits” Research Project Has been investigated. In doing so, they evaluate data from statistical authorities. The figures indicate the year 2018. Hungary alone loses a large share of tax revenue at 31 percent.

The data also shows where corporate profits from Germany are taxed instead – at a much lower tax rate. Especially the tax centers of the European Union. According to researchers, Luxembourg ended with more than six billion euros, the Netherlands 5.5 billion and Ireland 3.6 billion. As a result, these countries also collect taxes.

Great Britain, France and the USA are among the countries affected by the tax evasion. Beneficiaries include Belgium, Switzerland and Singapore. In total, companies transfer 40 percent of their global profits to other countries, with 70 770 billion in 2018 alone, scientists write.

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