Talk, leader | To put it mildly, a strange parking logic

Talk, leader |  To put it mildly, a strange parking logic

The Urban Environment Agency in Bergen Municipality is now using a strange tactic when asking for money from motorists parked in very few parking spaces in the Asane Arena. One of the largest multipurpose facilities in the country, this huge facility has so far been able to provide free parking to motorists. The main hall accommodates more than 2000 people per day, and offers a football field, climbing wall, gym, sand hall, curling rings, squash hall and martial arts center. In addition, the hall can accommodate 2,200 spectators, and the outdoor football arena can accommodate 3,700 spectators. All according to the Sports Area’s own website.

To eliminate traffic coming through such an activity, the city council in Bergen has expanded to 175 parking lots. These are free to use, but for now it will have an end. The Urban Environment Agency argues that parking spaces may be used by many people they do not intend to use. Locations often live during the day, so the Urban Environment Agency believes that free space may be used by local employees.

Now it will have an end. The damage caused by the solution brought by the municipality includes exactly those intended for free parking. To escape from foreign parking, facility users will have to pay ten times an hour if they are lucky enough to hijack one of the few places in the future. This is how the Bergen Municipality sends the bill to many families with children.

One might suspect that the introduction of paid parking is financially sound. But in this case, it is not entirely certain. The parking conditions at Asane Arena have already shown good returns in terms of revenue on the municipality’s accounts. The BA said last fall that 344 motorists were fined for parking between August and November. The total fine is approximately 310,000 kroner. After that, everyone who made the trip to the facility must be registered as having not stopped working. There is a small distance between the fines outside the big facility in sane.

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Instead of economics, the ideology behind the idea of ​​charging parking for those who use the facility. The City Council has never hidden the need for fewer motorists for this facility, instead encouraging the use of bicycles, walking and public transport. This is not easy for everyone.

If the Urban Environment Agency’s theory is correct, most parking spaces in the Assan Arena will be empty during the day in the future. At the same time, the municipality charges extra for many customers who visit the hall. It is difficult to see that such a solution is particularly logical.

Especially since paid parking is valid throughout. The Bergen Municipality should consider other possibilities to avoid foreign parking. One of them, for example, is to limit paid parking to a time limit so that evening users can still get a free offer.

Customers and spectators visiting the great facility in Asan received a very chaotic reception when they got the facility from the very beginning. Now it’s even worse, the bill is being sent to families with children.

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