“Taliban are looking for us”, “Please help us”. Voices from Forgotten Afghanistan

"Taliban are looking for us", "Please help us".  Voices from Forgotten Afghanistan

(Edolo) The rain – thin and heavy, kind of annoying to you – has now changed. In a strangely desolate town, the Oglio River rises more than usual. Who can stay indoors this Sunday morning, enjoying the heat and, above all, the drought? On the other hand, the brave race on the road to Mount Colmo or watch the Husqvarna Enduro Trophy.

As we walk in the middle of Edolo, we meet a part of Afghanistan that is forced to go. Pack up in a hurry, to give up expectations and even some savings, to protect the skin. This is it Adib family: Abdullah has worked extensively with Italians at the Camp Arena in Herat; Anjila was part of a logistics company that helped not only our country, but many NATO partners; Momtaz studied computer science and eventually Najla dreamed of becoming a doctor.

Theirs is a legend that lasted nine months. It all started on August 15th with the advance of Taliban To Kabul. In the rush of local troops (there was an unspecified agreement between the Afghan Special Forces military and the “students”), Western allies fled the country, drowning those they had for years. Helped our army. Many were thrown into the crowd and caught a planeAeroporto in Kabul. But at the mercy of the Taliban, hundreds of families remained on foot. The Adib family is also in the group. In September, he was busy sending names and documents to the Ministry of Defense. The Hide Accepts them. The ball is handed over to the Home Ministry, which must carry out the necessary inspections. In August, the rules were different: it was enough to have any document proving that you had worked with our armed forces to board a plane bound for our country. But today there is no emergency ei Checking, Extending the time is mandatory. In the last decade of January, the defense called the Adib family and told them to move to Iran: “While we were there, the Taliban went to our grandmother and aunt to ask where we were. Fortunately we have already escaped, ”says Montas as his eyes widen with tears. Adib gets the family View, Then silence. Four months pass before leaving. The moment of departure is full of anxiety and joy. Najla records a video and decides to re-interpret it in the background Italian By Toto Cutugno.

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So the Adib family came from Herat Edolo Logistics BaseNow Commander Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Cardillo. The structure was one of the main centers that welcomed Afghans last August, and is still at the forefront of hosting hundreds of refugees. “We have been busy since last August,” he said Luke Masneri – My fellow citizens immediately set out to welcome the Afghans, not only for their basic needs, but also to give them a future. To date, the Interior Ministry in particular has not yet clarified a point: what will happen to Afghan families after two years of support? As for Mayor Masouneri, he said, “We need to have our own vision, not just tomorrow. These are often people with the right skills, and they should be able to find work, but the bureaucracy sometimes complicates everything.

Today, with Ukrainian crisis More and more powerful, we are forgetting Afghanistan. Hundreds of people were left there under the yoke of the Taliban. Gradually they arrive in Italy. But many fear they have been forgotten. Like Naveed who proudly sports with certificates from the Italian Army NATO: “With the utmost respect and friendliness”, we read. “But what happened to respect and friendship?”, The young Afghan asks. “Months passed and the defense disappeared. What happened to the people I helped while I was here? ”. Syed is more frustrated. He tried them all out and handed his story to Stricea la Noticia. But it did not help. “I collaborated with the Italian army from 2008 to 2013, and until the arrival of the Taliban, I was the captain of the Afghan armed forces. They are hunting me down and I do not know what to do anymore. Defense promised to take me to Italy, but I’ve been in Iran for months, and I’m forced to collect one euro a day to feed my family. I do not blame anyone, but I ask someone to help me, ”Syed writes in frustration. In the crowd Interpreters The left, perhaps the most vulnerable, is now dominated by despair: “I believe Italy has left us and there is no way we can leave this country.”

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It is difficult to know what is actually going on and what the defense plans are. But he does not seem to be living in Afghanistan today.

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