Taking it home was postponed for hours. Accompanied by fasting police immigrants

Taking it home was postponed for hours.  Accompanied by fasting police immigrants

Tunisians will not be deported, leaving police without food. It happened at the Palermo airport, where 34 migrants were waiting for two days to be repatriated due to disputes with the motherland, with no possibility of departure.

This was reported by the Autonomous Police Syndicate (SAP). General Secretary Stefano Poloni explains the incident. Ur immigrants – he says – flew from Turin and Gorisia to Barry and hence to Palermo. The flight was postponed due to problems with the country of origin. Illegal immigrants were given a bag with lunch. Officers accompanying them remained untouched from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. This is unbearable. He clarifies: law This is a question of respect for law enforcers. How can people who have no right to live here be treated better than the police? We would have expected at least equal treatment. Moreover, yesterday the Tunisian government again blocked the departure. So the settlers were transferred back to Turin and Gorisia. It is a waste of money carried by the state which is not approved by the union representatives.

“It’s a question of decorum and respect – Poloni remembers those who are engaged in the service of the homeland and those who spend their working hours to ensure the security of the country.”

Several police representatives have been ill since the Kovid-19 contract was signed from immigrants. A situation that is unsustainable and attracts protests from operators, with many arrivals being harassed and fined under strict rules set aside for immigrants.

Currently in Sicilian things, especially in Lampedusa, there are no new landings, thanks to bad weather and rough seas blocking the exit, but it is certain that from next week the island will be attacked again. In fact, dozens of boats controlled by human traffickers seem to be leaving Tunisia and Libya. On the one hand, thousands of police officers are used to greet immigrants who are threatened by an epidemic, and on the other hand, shifts leading to situations similar to those described above are tiring. They are now demanding that the government intervene in a timely manner without giving vague answers.

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