Taking advantage of their free time, a Jordanian team wins a global robotics competition over industrialized nations Technology

Taking advantage of their free time, a Jordanian team wins a global robotics competition over industrialized nations  Technology

Amman – A Jordanian team of 5 17-year-old students won first place in engineering design, programming and safe robot design in a competition organized by the International First Global Foundation in Geneva, Switzerland.

Organizers said 180 teams representing 180 countries of the world participated in the world’s largest robotics competition.

Students Ayham, Adam Al-Qasim, Ahmed Al-Dalain, Hussain Attia, and Mohammad Jamil Al-Najjar won first place for designing a safe robot with precise conditions regarding the robot’s body, movements, and areas of operation. control, the way it executes orders, and its programming language.

Organizers said the competition will enhance the creativity and innovation skills of school students through a STEM approach to developing, designing and programming robots, in education based on the integration of science, engineering, technology and mathematics. Students’ century skills enhance their learning abilities.

Free hours are invested in training

Ahmed Al-Dalain (age 17), a first-year secondary school student, spends his free time studying robot design – he tells “Al-Jazeera Net” – for about 4 years since he started studying through his mobile phone and computers. Previously, he invested his free time in things that benefited him.

His classmate Hussain Attia (17), who has mastered programming, shares the training. Atiya started training in programming on her mobile phone from 2019 until she mastered programming within the award-winning school team.

Attia adds to “Al Jazeera Net” that she started learning programming as a hobby and then developed it by taking training courses and investing her free time to learn everything new in the field and that she wants to study human medicine. Leverage programming in the medical field to provide better care and service to patients.

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Jordan was represented at the international competition by the “RoboRacers” team from the “Educational Harvest” schools in Amman, the capital of Jordan. The participating teams consist of 5 students, a coach and an administrator. Teams qualify after qualifying rounds. Schools and private institutions usually participate, even among teams competing in their countries. away from official institutions.

“Al-Hassad” schools are interested in programming, artificial intelligence and robot designs, and its director, Akram Abdul Qader, said that a laboratory with the necessary equipment and parts to train students has been dedicated to it. Won several regional and Arab awards in the field of robotics.

Jordanian students and those interested in artificial intelligence and robotics experience a lack of official attention and care (Al-Jazeera)

Future talent and treasure in Jordan

Mohammed Al-Jadowa, director of the First Global Foundation in Jordan, described the participating team as “future talents and Jordan’s next treasure,” adding that Jordanian students are distinguished by high intelligence and adaptability. , understand quickly and work collaboratively, which helps create a creative and innovative generation.

Jaduwa added to “Al-Jazeera Net” about the details of the competition, “It focuses on the best engineering design for the robot and its ability to move and perform the required tasks, with high precision and high design. According to the conditions of the competition, the size of the robot is not more than 50 cm.”

Regarding the most important challenges faced by students in this field, Jaduwa said that students in Jordan who are interested in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics are struggling due to the lack of official attention and care despite the presence of many institutions and the ministry. The digital economy, however, basically works.

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From reception.  the island  School Public Relations.
The Jordanian team managed to defeat teams from 180 participating countries despite their lack of talent and weak and limited financial resources (Al-Jazeera).

More attention and care

The same applies to civil and private institutions – the Jordanian team’s trip could not secure its expenses from official bodies or institutions, as the creators of the robot and artificial intelligence teams build themselves using their own skills and self-financing. In the private sector.

The team manager explained that the biggest challenge faced by innovators in robotics teams is the lack of qualified and talented incubators that embrace their creativity and leverage costs, expenses, and an environment conducive to work and development.

Jordan’s winning of this award attracted the attention of the world, with teams from different countries of the world participating for the Jordanian team.

Despite the Jordanian team’s lack of skills and weak and limited financial costs, they managed to surpass participating teams from 180 countries, especially scientifically advanced industrialized countries such as Japan, China, the United States, Mexico, European, Asian and African countries, and millions of dollars for scientific research, robotics and artificial intelligence. spending

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