Taking a Break From Studies: TV Shows Grabbing Attention From the First Episode

Learning at college or university is usually a long and challenging path. Therefore, many students often feel exhausted or depressed during their studies. But how can you get rid of these warning symptoms if you are an extremely tired student? That’s easy. It’s time to take a break and watch the most exciting TV shows! Discover the best series that will make you forget about all your worries right here below.

Before You Start Watching TV Series 

Having a break from studies is surely a great idea for many learners. However, it is crucial to take care of your academic performance to avoid serious penalties. Unfortunately, you can’t just leave all your essays and other academic papers incomplete. Still, there is a great solution to this common issue. You can start using a reliable website that provides academic assistance to all students. These are professional sites that allow ordering custom-written academic papers before the chosen deadline. 

But how can you choose the most reputable solution from dozens of similar websites? Feel free to explore online paper writing service reviews to find the most fitting service for your needs. For example, scamfighter might help you discover all the pros and cons of using various writing sites, including the well-known essaypro. Reading the reviews shared by other learners is the most winning tactic to find the most trustworthy online solution. After placing the order, you will get plenty of free time to watch movies and TV shows. Here is a list of the best TV series to choose from. 

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The Mandalorian 

Even in case you are not a fan of Star Wars, this TV series is worth your attention. The TV show has an incredibly high rating on IMDb and thousands of fans all over the world. Those who are interested in TV series about galaxies, unknown civilizations, and space travel will surely enjoy the movie. Not to mention, you will also see a little baby Yoda and plenty of other fantastic creatures. The show will make you stick to the screen from the very beginning, while the scenes will change incredibly fast. Most movie experts believe that The Mandolorian is one of the most professional and intriguing TV series in the history of cinema.


If you haven’t already seen Lost, it’s time to dive into the advantages of a group of people that survived the air crash. They ended up on an uninhabited island that has a whopping number of secrets. This TV show has 121 episodes, so get ready to watch the series for quite a long time. By the way, Lost is one of the shows that will make you switch from one episode to another non-stop. Many show fans report that they couldn’t stop watching the series days and nights. If you are looking for an inspiring, provoking, and intriguing TV show, Lost might be a perfect solution to have a break from studies. 

The 100 

Many students prefer to watch series where the main heroes are young, vigorous, and passionate. If you are one of them, The 100 is the best alternative to watch after a long and challenging day at school or college. This is a fantastic story about a group of teenagers that were sent to the Earth from the orbital station years after the nuclear war. How will the planet’s surface look like? Did anyone survive the war? How will a small group of people build a new society? It’s easy to find all the questions and much more when watching The 100. To put it short, this series contains the elements of fantasy, mystery, adventure, comedy, and even horror. The TV show is considered to be one of the most successful series for teenagers and youth. 

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The X-Files 

This show is the classic of a successful TV series. If you don’t mind watching old TV shows with minimal effects that will still make you feel terrific, The X-Files might appear to be a good choice. Each story is an independent investigation of the mysterious story or crime made by the two agents. Some of the episodes are engaging and exciting, while the others might appear to be truly scary. Nevertheless, this TV show will not leave you indifferent. Although the show was closed dozens of years ago, the series still attracts countless fans and admirers all over the world. You can try watching it, too.

There are many other interesting TV shows you can find on Netflix. The best idea to choose the most exciting one is to browse in different categories and choose the most fitting genre for your needs. You can also pick up several options and try watching a couple of episodes of each TV show. If the chosen TV series doesn’t make you feel curious or engaged, it’s time to try something else. Anyway, you have a huge choice! 

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