Take-menu Good addresses for the menu | West Island

Take-menu Good addresses for the menu |  West Island

Here are some good dining options on West Island, Montreal.

Iris Gagnon-ParadiseIris Gagnon-Paradise

S 3 sisters

At Dolard-des-Ormaux, this family restaurant offers fresh dishes and salads, ready-made meals for the whole family, “pasture” boxes, and a variety of vegetarian options. Online orders and delivery are possible from Monday to Saturday.


Ist Bistro 1843

Many readers in the West Island, a region far removed from our list, have asked us for addresses (our apologies!). So we surveyed some people living in the area for recommendations. One of them, Bring Your Own Wine Bistro into a historic building that has been established in L-Bizard since 2009. French cuisine has attracted attention. During the outbreak, the owner couple launched the Marche Bistro in 1843, bringing together two options for ready-to-eat meals, ready-to-eat and desserts for two. Online orders, pick up on site from Thursday to Saturday.


Photo from Bistro Grace Facebook page

At Pierfonts, Bistro Grace offers fresh pasta on its menu.

Ist Bistro Grace

This address in Pierrefonts, in the heart of the West Island, is one of the favorites of the local fauna. It offers a modern bistro recipe that focuses on the novelty of the ingredients with a changing and inspiring daily menu. Orders from Thursday to Saturday, by phone and on-site pickup.


Ist bistro nola

This list in the Dollard-des-Ormiox district offers beautiful New Orleans cuisine. Jambalaya also features on the take-menu menu and on black bullhead, buttermilk fried chicken or creole shrimp. Welcome change of landscape today! From Wednesday to Saturday, online orders and delivery for pickup are possible on site.

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Ous Cousins

At Beaconsfield, we hear good news about this Napoleon-style pizzeria that is inspired by New York, and certainly one of the best in the area, planned by Chef Germano Muston. The team’s favorite Beaconsfield pizza includes garlic, sauted spinach, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes. A few starters and salads complete the take-menu. Orders by phone or site from Wednesday to Sunday.

http://cuginispizza.ca/ (In English)

Photo from Cunningham’s Facebook page

Cunningham’s famous chicken wings.


Located in Saint-An-de-Beliveview, this Irish pub offers a 100% comfort menu: fish and chips, “Tatar tots” (even a “tachos” in different variations!), Fried pickles, burgers, and their popular chicken wings in an Instagram post last December Actress Halle Berry, who starred in them, won her favor while in Montreal for the film Moonlight. From Tuesday to Saturday, online orders, on-site pickup and area delivery.


Deli la Trattoria

We recommend this trattoria located in Kirkland – ideal for stopping after a day spent in Cap St. Jacks – for example – specializing in authentic and fresh Italian food since 2004. The site also has home-made oven-baked pizzas, homemade bread sandwiches (chicken is not to be missed) and other great imported products. Open daily, order directly on site, deliver with Uber Eats, skip dishes.


Duke & Devin

In Beaconsfield, this Irish pub caters to the whole family: Nachos, Chicken Wings, Mack Cheese, Chicken Tacos, Korean Chicken Burger, Briscoat Sandwich … This place is in the interval until February 3rd, but the second one is still on branch in Drew. Telephone orders for on-site pickup and delivery with Dordash.

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Photo from Escondite Facebook page

Escondite, dedicated to Mexican cuisine, has an address in the West Island.


Dedicated to Mexican cuisine, especially tacos, the project has a branch in Dollard-des-Ormaux on the West Indies. Takeout orders are made directly on site or by phone, and delivery is possible with Doordash or Uber Eats.


Green greenhouse

At Saint-Genevier-de-Pierrefonts, La Maison Vert offers its delicious take-cout recipe in two variations: car usually served in the dining room Inspired by the la carte menu (eggplant tart, lamb rack, char night. From Tuesday to Sunday,). Orders by phone or email and pickup on site.


G Greed

West of the island, in Point-Claire, this restaurant serves French-inspired cuisine as well as other culinary cultures: Thai salmon, beef burgundy, filo dough peas… online or telephone orders, pick-up site.



This French restaurant has been around since 1976 in St. Anthony’s Believe, no less! The take-menu menu prides itself on French cuisine such as lobster bisque, crusted snails or the only places from Davres Munier. All to forget about this protracted imprisonment! From Thursday to Sunday, telephone orders, pick up on site.


Photo from Mico Sushi Facebook page

A nice plate of sashimi from Mako Sushi.

• Ma Ko Sushi

To the best of our knowledge, this Japanese restaurant located in Dollard-des-Ormaux (launched in 1997!) Is one of the best in the West Indies. The menu boasts mickey and gorgeous sashimi bowls, as well as chicken cutlets, tempura shrimp, and a host of other specialties. From Wednesday to Sunday, telephone or online orders for pickup on site.

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Founded in 2001, this family-run Italian restaurant is well-known in Dollard-des-Ormaux. It serves the category of classics: antipasti, homemade pasta, gnocchi, Salad, Kid’s Parmigiana, Polpet Sandwich and Pizza. From Tuesday to Saturday, telephone orders for pickup on site and delivery with Uber Eats.



According to one of our sources living in the West Island, Sahib can win the award for the best Indian restaurant in the area. Located in Point-Claire, it offers a number of choices in an authentic menu that includes the classics of this recipe. Lunch boxes are also available. Online orders and delivery are also possible for pickup on site from Wednesday to Sunday.


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