“Take back the immigrants!”. Bojo provoked Macron and withdrew his invitation to the Paris Palace

"Take back the immigrants!".  Bojo provoked Macron and withdrew his invitation to the Paris Palace

Tensions between Paris and London escalate two days after the English Channel massacre that killed 27 migrants, including three children and a pregnant woman. French Interior Minister Gerald Dormann has withdrawn an invitation to his British colleague Preity Zinta at a summit convened in Kalais on Sunday to jointly address the immigration crisis.

Paris has ruled that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s letter to French President Emmanuel Macron is “unacceptable and unacceptable between parties”, inviting the London Elysee to repatriate all immigrants. Crossed the English Channel to discourage future departures. The French Interior Ministry has withdrawn invitations to Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and the European Commission to attend inter-ministerial meetings.

Before arriving in Rome yesterday from the Zagreb for the signing of the Quirinal Agreement, Macron returned to express his “condolences to the men and women who lost their lives at sea to escape suffering, political oppression and lack of freedom.” We will do our best to find and condemn the perpetrators of misery and suffering, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general. Starting in Great Britain and marked by strong diplomatic tensions, it is now likely to rise again due to the new surge in fisheries.

In the first telephone conversation after the massacre, a Downing Street spokesman said Macron and Johnson agreed on the “urgent need to increase joint efforts to prevent crossings and to do everything possible to prevent traffickers endangering the lives of immigrants.” However, after 24 hours, Johnson used very few conciliatory tones. In fact, Calais is asking the French to repatriate all the immigrants who have left.

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“I propose to establish a bilateral remission agreement to allow the repatriation of all illegal immigrants crossing the Channel,” was Johnson’s request, which drew a strong response in Paris.

Paris has invited immigration ministers from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the European Commission, while humanitarian groups such as Gauss and Secors Catholic in France have called for an improvement in France’s reception policy. Sunday in Kallis. “Define ways and means to strengthen police, judicial, and humanitarian cooperation,” he said, referring to the services of Prime Minister Jean Costex, whose goal is to “fight more effectively against passer networks.”

“France – Macron declares – is a transit country and we are fighting against these networks of smugglers who are exploiting distress, but for this we must improve European cooperation.” The words are in line with the words of British Home Secretary Preity Patel, who has repeatedly called for a joint London patrol on the French coast, which has now been rejected by Paris, and called for a “coordinated international effort”.

According to the Lille prosecutor’s office, the victims of the shipwreck were 17 men, seven women and three children. Two of the survivors recovered from severe hypothermic conditions. In Kalais, five smugglers were taken into custody, shocking other immigrants close to the victims. “Today we mourn the victims, but we must also work to ensure that this does not happen again,” said David Sassoli, president of the European Parliament, who condemned the latest tragedy in a series of long seas around Europe. The play took place on a long boat from Dunkirk carrying Kurds, Iraqis, Iranians and Afghans who dreamed of reaching England.

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However, the Franco-British conflict over fishing exacerbated the plight of immigrants. With French fishermen announcing that freight traffic will be blocked tomorrow at the entrances to the three Channel harbors and the tunnels below them in protest of London’s expeditious issuance of post-Brexit fishing licenses.

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