Take a trip with Dev Patel on The Green Night

Take a trip with Dev Patel on The Green Night

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Inspired by director David Lowry from Cosmos, Hammer Horror Films and an Evoque TV movie to create this unprecedented scene in “The Green Night”.

In this adaptation of fourteenth-century poetry, Dev Patel plays the gouache, which sends its protagonist into a long and deadly quest. Along the way, Govain has several interesting encounters, including in a cottage, where he meets the spirit of St. Winifred (Erin Kelliman).

She begs him to help her recover her head that was thrown into a beheaded spring. The scene, shot at night, has a hunting quality, and when Lowry and his crew filmed it in a real location in Ireland, he said the atmosphere wanted to mimic the gothic, sonorous look of a horror film from the British company Hammer. . . He said an underwater part of the scene was inspired by the TV movie “Caravan of Courage: An Evoque Adventure” that dragged a character into a magical pool. “It scared me when I was a kid,” it was taken directly. “

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