Take a look at the complexity of the OPPO Find X3 Pro 5G smartphone screen

Take a look at the complexity of the OPPO Find X3 Pro 5G smartphone screen


With so many advanced features, the OPPO Find X3 Pro is still one of the best smartphone lines of the year. The quality of the OPPO Find X3 Pro is no longer in doubt. As the OPPO Find X3 Pro supports a variety of activities for all users, including streaming, gaming, videography, and Instagram-style photography, it can be understood from this smartphone.

On the front, for example, the OPPO Find X3 Pro is equipped with a 6.7-inch 10-bit curved E4 OLED QHD + display and supports up to 1 billion colors on the screen. The overall brightness of the screen can be increased to 800 nits, JNCD ~ 0.4 and 3216 × 1440 resolution. The OPPO Find X3 Pro has an upgrade rate of 120Hz, including sRGB / P3, and 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, as well as a contrast ratio. 5,000. 000: 1.

OPPO Find X3 Pro Photos: OPPO

Still on the front, the OPPO Find X3 Pro screen also supports O-Sync for Ultra-Vision Engine and HDR10 + SGS to enhance the low response time (5-10ms), adaptive upgrade rate (120-5Hz) and video resolution up to 2x higher. Color Vision Enhancement that can provide an extraordinary visual experience on a certified eye care display, gaming or streaming.

In addition to being empowered in this segment, the OPPO Find X3 Pro ‘Innards’ also supports advanced technologies such as the Snapdragon 888 5G chipset, 12GB of RAM, and GPU Adreno 660. When streaming or gaming. In fact, a smartphone that can already use the 5G network can be used for multitasking because the data processing system runs very smoothly without a hitch.

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The glory of the OPPO Find X3 Pro is not limited to its ability to support streaming or gaming activities. However, for those of you who like to make Instagram style photos or stunning cinematic videos, OPPO Find X3 Pro can also be supported.

Yes, that’s right, to support ultra-realistic photography & videography functionality, the OPPO Find X3 Pro is capable of capturing 1 billion ultra-realistic colors wrapped around four camera arrays.

OPPO Find X3 ProOPPO Find X3 Pro Photos: OPPO

On the back, for example, there are three cameras with 50MP, 13MP and 3MP features. With these features, you are guaranteed to be able to create very professional photos or videos.

Still in the same category, for the camera, the OPPO Find X3 Pro is 32MP high quality. This feature is definitely suitable for those of you who like to take selfies or blog while having a lot of fun on social media.

The glory of the OPPO Find X3 Pro camera does not end there. This is because the smartphone camera can provide video quality up to 4K @ 30 / 60fps. Meanwhile, there is a flash snapshot, AI highlight video, AI scene enhancement and AI palette for photos.

Once you are satisfied with making photos and videos, of course the next step is editing, so your shots will be more beautiful. You can use OPPO Find X3 Pro to edit photo or video content.

OPPO Find X3 ProOPPO Find X3 Pro Photos: OPPO

With the majesty of the OPPO Find X3 Pro screen, you can create sharp image quality, color and visuals, which will definitely make the editing process easier for you. In addition, DisplayMate, a company that frequently tests various brands of smartphones, recognizes the quality of the OPPO Find X3 Pro.

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From the results of the tests performed by the display, the crown on the screen OPPO Find X3 Pro Very satisfactory value of a +. The scale accuracy of monitors, projectors, and TVs has been proven.

To further refine these products, OPPO introduces such high quality batteries. The OPPO Find X3 Pro is equipped with a 4,500 mAh battery and 65W fast charging support, which can charge up to 40% in just 10 minutes.

Priced at Rs 14,000, the smartphone offers a special cashback of Rs 1 million and a free OPPO Enco X bonus on The Joy-full OPPO sale at the end of the year promo!

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