Tactical helicopter sends interesting photos of places on Mars

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Sent to Mars to fly in the thin atmosphere of the Red Planet Helicoptero ingenuity Expanded its mission and provided valuable data to the team Rover perseverance. Now, the team has revealed photos of the ninth flight of the plane, which took place last week (5), which the team considers “critical”. NASA In the land.

Cleverly sent photos allow us to establish unprecedented statistics on the exact expansion of rock layers, all of which, like a time capsule, show climate change on the planet’s surface with concrete. The flight also revealed obstacles to overcome while exploring the Jessero crater.

Taken from a height of about 10 meters, color pictures of ingenuity can show more detail than photos sent by Orbiter Mars Reconnaissance, which is commonly used to establish routes to be followed on Mars. When the orbiter is a camera, It’s a good idea, Details of rocks with a diameter of one meter, helicopter photos are more accurate.

Why are ingenious photos important?

“Raised ridges”, high peaks (Source: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Credit)Source: NASA / JPL-Caltech

In a statement posted on NASA’s website, Perseverance Project scientist Ken Williford Jata Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), When the rover arrives at a specific location to explore, he explains, “We get terrestrial images that can be compared to orbital images.” With the advent of ingenuity, images can be achieved on an intermediate scale to complete the resolution.

In this sense, the ingenuity provided a display of high-resolution images, showing the comforts of many Mars, from the so-called “Rise Ridges” to the expansive ridges. Dune field, In an area of ​​the Jessero crater known as “Seta”. These knee-deep sandy areas are a constant concern for rover drivers, who fear the vehicle will stall.

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