Synod O’Brien, next post-Punk revelation to follow

Synod O'Brien, next post-Punk revelation to follow

Amidst PJ Harvey’s legacy and strong personality, Irish Woman is releasing its first album, ‘Time Bend and Break the Bower’, which is literate with sharp pieces.

As we read and pronounce his name, we can only guess: Synod O’Brien came from Ireland, more precisely from Limerick. Unlike some of her companions who like to smooth out the roughness of their accent while singing, this young savage presents himself without a mask, and in all her solitude, without revealing his adoration for The Fall and John Cooper Clark.

She reveals her fascination with fashion (she worked for Vivienne Westwood) and her love of poetry, which she consumes as soon as she wakes up. Accompanied by a guitarist and drummer, Synod O’Brien soon makes his way to the forefront of the Irish rock scene with this remarkable debut album.

A whisper is born

At home in Spike Postpunk (Girl, End of day) Like soft rock (Rare item, Plurals) Even on electro breakouts (Set aside for my size, I Where Like culture), This free spirit changes one by one Spoken word And parts sung according to his wishes.

With her eloquent woodwork, dense writing, and impeccable construction of the great Dan Cary, her sharp pieces made her a P.J. A whip is born.

Time Bend and Break the Bower (Chess Club / She). Released June 10th. Concerts at Tourcoing (Le Grand Mix) on September 15 and in Paris (Point Efmer) on September 16.

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