Switzerland is the fourth largest Kovid in the world

Switzerland is the fourth largest Kovid in the world

Switzerland decided this Friday to follow up with neighbors late for weeks By installing “2G” (This limits access to closed areas only to those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered).

As of December 16, there were more than 1,000 cases per day per 100,000 inhabitants in four countries alone: ​​Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, and Switzerland.

While Slovakia and the Czech Republic recorded record new cases in late November, the incidence has been declining ever since. To change the epidemic curve, Slovakia imposed a two-week national lockdown on November 25. Czech authorities have introduced 2G since November 22nd.

In Switzerland, the number of new cases remains stable for ten days, but at a high level, more than 1,000 cases per day per 100,000 inhabitants. In Denmark, on the other hand, cases are on the rise. The Danish Prime Minister on Friday ordered the closure of cinemas, theaters and concert halls in a bid to stem the outbreak of Kovid-19 cases.

Very high positive test rate

If the Swiss Epidemic Curve seems to be more favorable than Denmark, these figures should at least take into account the number of screening tests performed.

The daily count of new cases depends on the strategy and the number of tests performed. However, Switzerland was one of the few European countries to receive the least number of tests last week.

Switzerland has one of the highest positive test rates in Europe, with 17% of positive tests in the last seven days. According to the World Health Organization, a positive rate of more than 12% indicates that more tests are needed and that the number of actual cases is lower.

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Despite these complete records of contamination since the onset of the pandemic, it should be noted that covid-related deaths are relatively low for the time being, due to vaccination, as illustrated in the graph below. In countries with low vaccination coverage (such as Slovakia), deaths still reflect an increase in new cases. On the other hand, in more vaccinated countries such as Denmark, Kovid-related deaths are temporarily lower compared to the peak of pollution.

to be continued: All major figures in the Kovid epidemic in Switzerland and around the world present live in graphics Our dashboard.

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