Switzerland is slowing down its actions against a large part of Europe

Alain Berset, le ministre de la Santé suisse.

On Wednesday, April 14, Switzerland announced that it was easing its anti-Kovid measures against most of Europe’s cereals. Although the epidemic situation has worsened in recent weeks with the entry of the federal government.

Until April 19, “Events that welcome the public can be re-organized“Internal sports and cultural activities will be recognized, and restaurants will be able to reopen their terraces, the Federal Council said in a statement, in favor of reopening the hospital after widespread publicity in the Pandemic-affected areas.” Economy. .

The rate of daily infections is similar to that found in Italy and Germany, but lower than the European Union average and three times lower than in France. “The epidemiological situation remains weak and will worsen in the coming weeks.», Council notes acknowledging that it is not yet time to accurately estimate the dynamics of the alpine country pandemic during the Easter holidays. “Despite this situation, the Federal Council hopes that the conditions will allow for a moderate waiver», Underscores the press release.

Responsible attitude

Health Minister Alan Berset ruled that the responsible attitude of the Swiss majority had led to a gradual reopening. “We were able to maintain control of the pandemic“The federal councilor underlined that the partial reopening was decided in March.”Did not cause an increase in infection, Allowing the movement to continue.

The government estimates that the vaccination campaign is progressing well – half of the 80s and 30% of people between the ages of 70 and 79 have been fully immunized – and hospitalizationRemains relatively weakOccupancy rate in the intensive care unit is fixed.

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In Switzerland – about 8.6 million people – 1.8 million doses of the vaccine have been given, and 686,000 people have now been given two doses of the Pfizer / BioNotech or modern vaccine. So Switzerland can be proud of having one of the highest vaccination rates in Europe. “In its analysis, the Federal Council has taken into account the economy and society, and the consequences of measures for adolescents and young people in particular.“, Compelling the press release. Demonstrations condemning anti-Kovid actions have been seen in Switzerland, which has rallied thousands of people in recent weeks. Clashes between youths in several cities across the country, demonstration of their food and clashes between police officers.

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