Switzerland flies to World Cup

Switzerland flies to World Cup

Italy threw, a very bad draw for the Azzurri, who were forced to play play-off roulette to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar. As expected, Switzerland easily beat Bulgaria 4-0, qualifying for the twelfth consecutive World Championship for the fifth time since 2006. Mancini’s men will have a bogeyman for the playoffs in March.

Where is Italy that enchanted Europe a few months ago?

It is true that the eleven deficiencies between the blue columns and the deviations of the pillars of the caliber cannot be ignored. Chillini, Verratti, Immobile, Spinasola Weighted above all in the quality of the passes and the fluidity of the craft, But actually our national team scored two shots against Ireland, one with an insane phone call and one from Church Peacock-Farrell. The expectation of flying to Qatar is very low.

So the team overtook Italy, who had led the group from the start of the trip, to the final corner. Murat Yakin, A Turkish-born coach with great qualifications for bringing Switzerland back into football. Apart from Shakiri, the Swiss team does not have great champions, but there are players who are well-prepared from a technical, athletic and psychological point of view.

Federico cheese Try the shot faced by two Irish opponents (Twitter)

Playoffs with the new formula: No more than two games against the same opponent

A lot of news about these playoffs will allow the final 3, qualifying for the next World Championship. The new formula predicts the presence of three groups consisting of four teams: two seeds and two second tier. It will start in a single elimination semifinal, in which one seed will face the non-seeded. The respective winners of the group will face each other in the final inside or outside: the winner will fly to Qatar.

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Italy will be the seed, so they will have the advantage of playing in the semi-finals at home. The buggy that should be avoided is, of course, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal, who mocked Serbia at the last minute as well as Sweden, who evoke sad memories. But the biggest danger is that Italy has lost part of the successful DNA that will show up this summer on the spectacular ride of Euro 2020.

The draw will take place on November 26, 2021 at 5 pm in Zurich

However, Roberto Mancini is optimistic and looks forward to the positive aspects of this complex evening of Italian football: “We’ve going to the World Cup, we’ve been through March, but we’re going there, and maybe we can win it.”.

The real country, Italy, has every opportunity to go to Qatar, and it is not right to foolishly criticize a successful and serious coach like Mancini.. However, it is urgent to find a new lymph to quickly forget Jorge Gino’s two errors that allowed Switzerland to take a better overtaking in this last crooked corner before the World Cup.

Blue CT Roberto Mancini (Twitter)

Northern Ireland-Italy 0-0

Ireland del Nord (4-1-4-1): Peacock-Farrell; Cathart, Flanagan, Jr .; Evans, Lewis; S. Davis; Dallas, McCann, Savile (72 ′ Evans), White (72 Washington); Magnesium. Everything. Barracklow.

Italy (4-3-3): Donarumma; De Lorenzo, Bonucci, Azerbaijan, Emerson (80’s Skamaka); Barella (68 ‘Bellotti), Giorgino (68’ Locatelli), Tonali (46 ‘Kristante); Berardi, Insine (68 ‘Bernardeschi), Church. Cattle Mansini

Booking: Tonali, Magnesia, Peacock-Farrell.

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