Switzerland and Yak: “Khaka? This is important, but there are other strong players”

Switzerland and Yak: "Khaka? This is important, but there are other strong players"

Zurich – National coach Murat Yakin is excited about Switzerland’s next matches and is eligible to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Taking over as Vladimir Petkovic in August, the former Schafhausen coach has handled Switzerland three times so far: friendly against Greece (2-1), Italy (0-0) and Northern Ireland (0-0), aiming for the next World Championship.

Recall that after four matches, Rossocrocia finished second in Group C with 8 points, six points less than Italy (14), however, twice more.

Murat Yakin, What are your considerations after your first few weeks as coach of the national team?

“It was an intense time, I got to know new people in a different dimension. We had a lot of injuries while making important and quick decisions. Anyway, I think my first week of work was positive.”

From a club to a national team: Your life as a manager has undoubtedly changed.

“I knew at one point what to expect. However, I must say, in addition to being attracted to this big challenge, I’m really excited about fulfilling this role.

How did Mama Yakin receive the news?

Unfortunately she could not come to the stadium against Italy but she is very happy. She returned to Turkey for the first time in a year and a half after the epidemic, and had plenty of business to attend. Even though she is 87 years old, she is still able to communicate with me through “Wlan” and “Facetime”. Will be against Northern Ireland. “

You were praised after the 0-0 win over Italy, while you were criticized for the first time since being with Northern Ireland.

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“I have enough experience to objectively evaluate the performance of my boys. We showed a completely different attitude to the challenge we faced in the European Championship match against the Azores (AD, 0-3) against Italy. In the end we have almost the same attitude towards the Irish. Points are also important for second place in the table, we need to beat Italy once in two if we want to win the group.

How do you handle the situation with Shakka and Shakiri? Their behavior will always be noticed.

“They’re definitely two of the best people in Swiss football, and inside of them I just want them to play football peacefully. But when you go out of the ordinary, this stage confronts you with reactions. Anyone who violates these rules will have consequences. “

How would you define your leadership?

In general, I am calm and open, and from time to time I can joke with boys. But when it comes time to work I am fascinated by details and I demand commitment and positive performance. Our goal is to grow, you need a lot of running, desire, conviction and team spirit to succeed, and disciplined and aggressive resistance.

This year, Switzerland could not count on the services of Captain Shaka. How much will this affect your job?

“It’s important, but we ‘ve had to do without him since the beginning of the autumn.

What does it take to win against Northern Ireland and Lithuania?

“They will be two difficult challenges. We have to be good at taking control of the situation, playing wisely during the offensive phase and making the most of opportunities from the net.

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