Swiss police fly Irish tricolor to congratulate Jordi on “Hot” Dance Challenge

Swiss police fly Irish tricolor to celebrate Garde's 'perfect' dance challenge

Swiss police remove the Irish tricolor from a federal building to commemorate Gardi’s performance in a viral dance challenge.

Police in Switzerland performed a dance challenge to their colleagues in Ireland last month as part of the global #Jerusalem Dance Challenge that went viral on social media – it is safe to say that Garda has risen to this challenge.

In a video posted on social media yesterday, dozens of uniformed Guardians across Ireland danced to folk songs on beaches, rooftops and streets until the Gorda horses appeared.

The Garda dance has spread around the world more than a million times, and the Swiss police applaud them for the “complete victory” of the challenge.

Fed‌pol took to Twitter to share a new video in which uniformed officers brought a bag of guards across the police headquarters – the bag was hung in the building with Irish pride in three colors.

In a congratulatory message, Fedobol said that although the Swiss police had taken the Jerusalem challenge to a new level, Garde had made it completely.

We all pay tribute to this remarkable achievement [Irish] at [Switzerland] Today. “

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When the Garda video was released, a spokesman said: “Throughout Ireland, Garda has responded to calls to serve the public during these difficult times.”

This seems to have had the expected effect when the Swiss police thanked the police for “moments of pure joy”.

The Guardian participation requested the audience to show off their dancing skills and challenge the citizens of Ireland to replace the new police force.

Create your own dance video to share – at home or with bubbles – Upload the video to social media with the hashtag #GardaJerusalema.

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