Swiss police fly Irish tricolor to celebrate Garde’s ‘perfect’ dance challenge

Swiss police fly Irish tricolor to celebrate Garde's 'perfect' dance challenge

Swiss police fly an Irish tricolor from a federal building to applaud Garda’s performance in the Viral Dance Challenge.

Swiss police last month challenged their Irish colleagues to dance as part of the viral #JerusalemGlobal Dance Challenge on social media, and it is safe to say that Garda accepted the challenge.

In a video posted on social media yesterday, dozens of uniformed Gardas across Ireland danced to the tune of a popular song, dancing on beaches, roofs, roads and in the shade of mountains, and even Gorda horses appeared. .

The Garda dance went viral around the world more than a million times, and Swiss police praised them for tackling the challenge.

Fedpole took to Twitter to share a new video in which uniformed officers carried a heavily guarded briefcase through their police headquarters; It was revealed that the briefcase contained an Irish tricolor, which was proudly hung on the building.

In a congratulatory message, Fed‌pol said the Swiss police had taken Jerusalem’s challenge “to a whole new level,” but Garda “completely nailed it!”

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“In honor of this outstanding performance, we all [Irish] Inside [Switzerland] Today. “

Following the release of Garda’s video, a spokesman said: “Garda has responded to calls from across Ireland to encourage the public we serve during these difficult times.

Thanks to the Swiss Police Guard for the “moments of pure joy”, this seems to have paid off.

Garda is now urging the public to show off their dancing skills by challenging Irish citizens rather than a new police force.

To participate, create your own dance video at home and at home or in the bubbles, and upload the video to social media with the hashtag #GardaJerusalema.

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