Swiss police challenge a Garda Savocana with a dance

Swiss police challenge a Garda Savocana with a dance

The Swiss Police for the Guardian Dance Challenge is not the video we expected on Saturday, January.

Police officers in Switzerland posted a dance video.

In the video, several police officers from the Federal Police can be seen dancing.

Some of the recordings feature the public joining her.

The video was posted on Twitter by a Twitter user called “ItsBeats” and asked a Garda Savokana to continue the Swiss efforts.

The tweet reads: “The police in Fedepolch, Switzerland decided to do something special for their people during these difficult times. This is amazing! Gardenofo? Will you accept the challenge if enough people retweet it? “

Frankie won More and more videos showing the police dancing have finally been released, which is weird as it seems.

Police in France took action.

Johannesburg …

Swiss federal police responded to the video series by saying they could not wait to see Garda’s efforts.

The Justice Department intervened and asked the police to take up the challenge and make Ireland proud …

Eventually, a Garda Savokana intervened and accepted the challenge.

She said she accepted the challenge and now we hope they will make a video in response.

We think this is enough internet for a day.

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