Sweet Caroline ‘: Which song did England adopt in Euro Cup?

Sweet Caroline ': Which song did England adopt in Euro Cup?

English fans sing and vibrate to the sound of Neil Diamond’s sweet carol with the victory of the Euro election

Neil Diamond’s classic hit ‘Sweet Caroline’ became the official anthem for England fans at Euro 2020 and was sung by thousands of fans at Wembley and across the country.

The American singer was delighted to hear his song sung so enthusiastically at the tournament and sent a message to the finalists of the European tournament that they will face Italy next Sunday (11) at 4pm (GMT).

England fans have an attractive catalog to sing in stadiums, including ‘Football’s Coming Home’, ‘World in Motion’ and ‘Windlow’, so how did they get started singing ‘Sweet Caroline’?

In this way, the the aim Provides lyrics of a love song and some information about the relationship with football.

Why do fans in England sing ‘Sweet Caroline’?

Although ‘Sweet Caroline’ has not traditionally been associated with the England football team, it has long been used as a celebration song by various English teams and athletes.

Aston Villa fans have been singing this song for years like Chelsea fans, and there seems to be some adaptation among England fans.

After England’s victory in the 16th round of Euro 2020 against Germany, Tony Perry, DJ at Wembley Stadium, sang a song instead of the traditional fatless song ‘Windlow’.

“When England beat Germany, we played ‘Sweet Caroline’ in the pre-match prep and both groups of fans reacted like crazy,” Perry told the BBC Evening Extra.

“At that moment, I thought: ‘I’m going to play Sweet Caroline 1’ because it’s a better job than ‘Windlow’, because it’s out of a pandemic, and Gareth Southgate is resting the ghosts of Euro 96.”

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England coach Gareth Southgate is a big fan of the new soundtrack to England’s field exploitation, telling ITV: “It’s a hilarious song that attracts people.”

Who wrote ‘Sweet Caroline’ and when was it released?

‘Sweet Caroline’ was written and released in 1969 by American singer Neil Diamond.

In the single, former U.S. President John F. The song is titled after Kennedy’s daughter, although the lyricist is Diamond’s wife, Marcia.

The song reached number three in the US. Although it was ranked eighth in the UK on the charts at the time, its popularity has persisted for decades.

Do other teams sing ‘Sweet Caroline’?

Singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ in games is not alone in English football, and Northern Ireland fans oppose the idea that it is a Three Lions song.

After Southgate’s team defeated Denmark in the semi-finals of Euro 2020, Irish television presenter Eamon Holmes told England to “pick up their own music”.

Northern Ireland fans have been singing the praises of Neil Diamond’s victory since 2005 after his victory over England.

In addition to Northern Ireland, as mentioned earlier, Aston Villa fans sing sweet caroline at Villa Park stands and Chelsea fans at Stamford Bridge.

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