Swallow a little after 1-0, but the Red Devils book went smoothly …

Swallow a little after 1-0, but the Red Devils book went smoothly ...

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Can’t you expect the difference between the number one in the world and the number 110 to be huge? Or is that Italian hangover still hanging in the closet? Belgium once again proved to be a giant in clay. The giant is called Lukaku in Rome, and the feet of clay are the defense. National coach Roberto Martinez initially dropped two amazing names due to an ankle injury sustained during training. Things between the two suddenly went wrong. The Selmakers played Wanakan badly, which blocked the wind. Alderweireld went too far and Cortois was left without a chance in the far corner: 1-0 in two minutes.

No one really seemed to care. Hazard immediately took charge. With no real cuts in his actions, he rolled from side to side to get the ball deeper. Vanaken tapped well, and the exaggerated cellmakers wanted to correct his mistake in his known, unwavering way. The Belgians surrounded the Estonian goal, which provided opportunities. To Carasco. Vanaken blocked twice. In the first half it was already half over. Overcoming the danger, Vanaken took the lead in his third goal as an international. After Karasco got closer again, things had been arranged half an hour earlier.

They fight for those Estonians, but with the ball. The Mets broke the ball against a teammate and gave Lukaku an assist, and he turned: even colder, he made his 66th, 1-3. Cusk hung on behind him, but Luke turned and led him to the goal as if nothing had happened. The Estonian defender raised his hands uneasily in the air. Batshuai, a Belgian banker, beats each other with laughter. No Estonian can compete with Lukaku.

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What went wrong?

At that moment the game was over and Martinez was able to put his team in saving mode. Yet he should not be blind to what went wrong. That sure lead is definitely not at all smooth sailing. Like the two corners of the first half, Trosard allowed Anier to go very easily. Fortunately, the man’s feet were not cleansed on the first try. That Courtois also threw his header into a corner against Boyata. Talking about Boyata. At his pace, Hertha’s defender could hide something, but he didn’t act the sharpest. He also allowed himself to be easily distracted. The Selmakers blamed Puri for surprising the Belgians. Lots of good will, almost even a goal – the Milan player hit the crossbar and the keeper – but defensively, despite spending time in Italy, there is still work to be done. Where was the pressure on the ball? It was sometimes very easy for Estonians to cross the field. It is more dangerous against strong checks than football dwarf Estonia.

EL Belga


The last half hour also provided some footnotes. Witzel made it 1-4 after a good combination of Carasco and Trosard. Coincidentally, after complaining about his disappointing European Championship, Bentek was allowed to fill this time. Zambi Lokonga also made her debut. Substitute Thomas Fawcett was the first Devil, 1-5. Solga made it 2-5, and Aldervaire faced two (!) Men.

Twelve years ago, the Devils went naked in Tallinn: 2-0, a defeat. Dick Advocate then fattened himself and bit him in a way that some of the boys disobeyed. Soon after, the international careers of De Sutter, Swartz, Lama and Mulemo came to an end, as did Mudinkai and Emil Empensa. As in those days, the demons are now in a reform phase, albeit a little less intense. Aggressive talents are many times bigger than they were then – fortunately already – but once again Tallinn gives a national coach a chance to come to conclusions.

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