Suspended by the Federal Council for obvious stupidity, cretins are always online

Suspended by the Federal Council for obvious stupidity, cretins are always online

politics | 27/08/2022 | 17:01
By Pier Augusto Stagi

Once again I apologize to you, because I wanted to talk only about cycling, wins and losses, sprints and sprints, but here I am again talking about backyard fights.

Today, as you well know, the Federal Council had on the agenda, on the table the question of “Irish Commissions” and all that surrounds it and follows from it. It is clear that the question is more formal than legal, because it is nipped in the bud, because as far as we know, the payment of 106 thousand euros was never made, so it is only a matter of image and management. Clarity and transparency. The Federal Council suspended, “following the discovery that the works were published live online – reads the Federciclismo website -. The President and Secretary General, in concurrence with all the Federal Councilors and Regional Presidents present, immediately contacted the judicial authority, “I rightly add.

But how, the lack of clarity and transparency, ethics and accuracy (it is a live online site) because all this chaos was public, brought out this prickly business and we all give credit, what does it do? Directly draws from some mole (connected to the phone with a federal councilor or those who actively put the device on the table or someone connected via zoom from home, in the same way that makes you listen to what is happening inside with a mobile phone cycling “Parliament”) and makes a direct text.

I am at a loss for words. I was shocked. We all ask President Cordiano Dagnoni for explanations and the future in the name of rigor and fairness, what are they doing? They connect live with a “mole” who plays ostrich and barrel fish, while we all look like tuna. As a result? Suspended by the Federal Council for obvious stupidity. what to say The mother of the cretins is always pregnant, but they are also online and directed.

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