Susan Jackson returns to Portugal after the transfer was canceled

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Susan Jackson returned to Portugal this week after her move to the country was canceled.

A few months ago, an Irish businessman shocked fans by announcing that she and her husband Dylan were moving to Portugal.

However, a month later, Susan revealed that she had returned to Ireland to care for her ailing dog, Coco.

Taking this to her Instagram stories, Susan wrote to her fans: “I woke up in Ireland. Unfortunately Cocoa was not feeling well, which delayed us from bringing the dogs to Portugal. She is not well again, so I went back home for a while. I will be. I’ll talk to you later. “

Susan has remained in Dublin ever since, but earlier this week she packed her bags and flew to Portugal to fly home regularly.

While posting her stories on Instagram, she and Dylan shared a photo of the villa they rented over the summer, with the caption “Good to be back”.

(Via Instagram Stories)

for me WomenEarlier this week, Susan canceled her move to Portugal to see Coco.

During the summer they were renting a villa and had planned to move to another property soon after, but canceled the lease of the second property and decided to stay in Ireland.

In addition to the interest in cocoa, Suzanne’s new RTE style councilors’ next series will begin shooting next month, so given the business commitment, this move does not make sense right now.

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