Survivor Spoiler: Is Aris Soyladis going? In a terrible state of mind

Survivor spoiler: Αποχωρεί ο Άρης Σοϊλέδης; Σε τραγική ψυχολογική κατάσταση

Life sometimes does not bring things the way we want them to. Other times it brings us amazing scenes that we can not even imagine, other times it subdues us through very difficult trials.

A small change in Survivor 5 will upset the balance and cause strife on both teams. This can definitely get players to their limits. Therefore, it made sense to announce a mix of Leonos teams and move some players to another beach to provoke reactions.

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There are many new clicks or inversions that are created over time, but it is true that some developments have had a greater impact. Aris Soyladis is one of the players who is in a bad mood because of what happened.

Rakos, a football player – his stay on a tightrope

The former footballer of Olympiacos and AEK entered the survival reality show with great ambition, wanted to become a new Catsoulis and succeed. His racing performance is certainly excellent, but he has not done the same “gel” and still remains one of Survivor’s benchmarks based on his fifth cycle.

Production does not want to lose him, for this reason, it was especially difficult with him in the next few days. Soyladis is psychologically a raccoon, pointing out from the beginning, the changes and his move to the blue beach, he lost all his friends and reacted strongly.

It is reported that he threatened to resign from the production, although he seems convinced to stay first. However, the psychological impact of the changes does not seem to have abated, leaving him anxious about his next moves as a result.

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