Survey: More than six in ten Britons are Brexit negative

Survey: More than six in ten Britons are Brexit negative

A recent survey found that more than six in ten Britons think Brexit is negative or worse than expected.

Brexit was worse than expected, according to a poll conducted by Opinium, a research firm published at Christmas, 26 percent. Thirty-five percent had previously expected Britain’s exit from the European Union to worsen – their expectations confirmed. Only 14 percent said Brexit was better than expected. Just before Christmas, about 1900 British adults were interviewed for it.

A year ago, Great Britain finally said goodbye to the European Union and the Customs Union. Formally, the Brexit took place on January 31, 2020, but a transitional phase with the same rules as the old one still applies until the end of the year. A few days before the break, London and Brussels signed a joint trade agreement, which the two sides signed on Christmas.

According to the Observer Survey, 42 percent of those who voted to leave the Brexit poll had a negative opinion. We now see a significant minority of “leave” voters saying things are going badly or worse than expected, “said Opinum pollster Adam Drummond.

Over the past few months, the aftermath of Brexit itself has been remarkable: there were cracks on supermarket shelves, and petrol stations were sometimes on dry ground because there were no truck drivers. Before Brexit, these were mostly from Eastern Europe, and now the free movement of workers is over. There is a shortage of workers in other service sectors as well.

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