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Survey: Energy Crisis Accepts Energy Transition: Journal for Municipal Economy

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88 percent of those surveyed either support or are neutral about building solar systems within a five-kilometer radius. The same is true for wind power, which received 81 percent approval.

The minimum acceptable values ​​​​are determined in the east of the republic. However, in Thuringia, the majority of respondents are open, with 71 percent for wind farms and 74 percent for solar parks. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, six out of ten still receive wind power within 5 km, which is still more than half of the respondents.

The government has the primary responsibility

Opinions differ even more when it comes to personal responsibility for greater climate protection. After all, 62 percent of those surveyed in Germany hold the government and 58 percent responsible for large corporations in principle. Almost half of those surveyed recognize the possibility of contributing to climate protection themselves. On the other hand, a third (32 percent) feel no pressure to do something about the climate.

For comparison: an average of nine European countries (Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Norway, Spain, Ireland, Croatia and Great Britain) still find themselves responsible for 60 percent. Ireland is the leader with 71 per cent seeing their personal contribution to climate protection. (lm)

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