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Surprises Joe Biden volunteers for Justin Timberlake during the virtual meeting

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A virtual meeting attended by a group of Democratic campaign volunteers smashed the ‘Cry Me a River’ hitmaker while Zoom was sharing their stories on election day.

To Justin Timberlake Surprised one group Joe Biden Volunteers crash and spread their zoom call.

Philadelphia volunteers sighed with joy when they learned that the pop star had joined their virtual meeting, recording a segment from his Instagram page and posting it.

“I want to come and tell you that you ‘ve got a huge fan,” he told the “sexyback” star on the clip, to a group campaigning on the battlefield of Pennsylvania. “Your city, your state will be huge in this election.”

The 39-year-old singer shared stories about how volunteers participate in the political movement and discuss their own reasons for voting for Biden. He also expressed support for the Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris, Labeling her “the best man on earth”.

“You told me at a young age that the hardest work you do is a job no one sees,” he shared. “I think it’s really relevant to what you do behind the scenes for the campaign.”

The pop star has previously told the president to leave his 59.4 million Instagram followers and vote. Donald TrumpHis choice is a Democratic opponent.

“If you’re voting for the first time, or you’re still not sure if you want to vote – because you think your voice will not be affected, or you do not believe the process, or everything just feels like a headache … I can tell you, we really need you,” Justin shared. ” I’m going to vote for Jobiden and Kamal Harris. I’m going to vote earlier, this year by mail. ”

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