Surprise restriction for Xiaomi: Google just banned it!

Surprise restriction for Xiaomi: Google just banned it!

MIUI, a user interface developed by Xiaomi, is a highly desirable platform for customization. Despite its issues with the latest updates, it remains one of the most popular mobile interfaces. However, Google banned one of the company’s apps. Let’s see the details of the ban.

Xiaomi has been banned from Google

Looks like this ban issue was there last week as well. But now more users are affected by this problem. The reason why Play Store and Play Protect consider the theme app as malware is still unknown. Xiaomi has not yet made any statement regarding this ban. Therefore, it is believed that demonetisation may be a mistake. ABelow is this yAbout below You can see the screenshot.

The Google Play Store scans the Xiaomi-owned app as banned

There is a workaround for this temporary situation as well, you can follow the steps below to see how to fix it.

To get theme app back from ban, you can follow this solution:

Settings->Application->Manage Application->Click on the 3 dots at the top right corner. Then go to Reset app preferences. After resetting application preferences, you may need to grant requested permissions to certain applications. That’s the deal.

The solution above is now a known workaround and Xiaomi will update and fix this issue soon. If you see a warning that the Themes app is malware, do not disable it because you may not be able to use Themes again.

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