Super Smash Bros. Update 10.1: Ultimate Patch News and Sapphire Switch Release | Gaming | Entertainment

Super Smash Bros. Update 10.1: Ultimate Patch News and Sapphire Switch Release |  Gaming |  Entertainment

Update: Nintendo has not yet shared the complete Super Smash Bros Ultimate 10.1 patch notes, they have just chosen to provide this small sample:

ഫി Sephiroth (from Final Fantasy VII Series) joins the battle! – Paid DLC

Stage added a new phase: Northern Cave – Paid DLC

New Mii Fighter Clothing Added – Paid DLC

Full patch notes

  • You can now switch between different works of art for the spirit of the cloud.
  • General

    • The following downloadable downloadable content will be useful upon purchase:

    • You cannot make videos of replays containing DLC ​​that you do not purchase (fighters, stages, music, Mi Fighter costumes, etc.).

    • You can now switch between “random from all songs” and “random from my music” for battlefield, small battlefield, big battlefield, and ultimate destinations.

    • Changed the final smash omnislash to the cloud’s P2, P4, P6, and P8 color variations. 5. (It works similarly to a standard omnislash.)

    • Game-balance adjusted. Please see Details of solutions and changes in fighters.

    • Fixed several issues to improve the gameplay experience.

Original: Nintendo has confirmed that the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be unveiled this week more than the new Zephyroth DLC.

Switch gamers can already unlock the famous FF7 villain, a new map and music, but there are more plans for the game.

Nintendo says version 10.1 of the Nintendo Switch will arrive on Tuesday, December 22nd.

This means that some data will no longer work in the game and will need to be converted.

This only affects replay data, but gamers should be aware that the same rules as in previous patches must be followed.

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It should also be noted that some of the fighters in the game are making changes, however we may have to wait until the patch notes are released.

A message from Nintendo explains: “Okay. Super #Smashbros Ultimate 10.1 arrives tomorrow! This update includes war settings, which means that replay data from previous versions does not match. Before updating, go to Vault -> Replays -> Replay Data -> Convert Video and convert your replays. ”

Much of tomorrow’s update will be the official release of the new DLC, however gamers will be able to unlock the special character.

This means pre-ordering new content and getting ready for the Smash Bros Bose battle, Nintendo confirmed last week:

“Sefiroth, the fan favorite villain of the Final Fantasy series, has become its new playable DLC fighter to join the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate game with a glittering sword in hand.

“On December 22nd, Fighters Pass Volume 2 – Challenger Pack 8 will be released for the Nintendo Switch game, and contains Sephiroth as a playable fighter.

It features a new stage based on the Northern Cave setting and nine music tracks, including “One-Winged Angel”, which many video game fans will certainly sing in their head while reading.

“Challenger Pack 8 is part of Fighters Pass Volume 2. It can be purchased at 29.99, and includes Min Min from RMS Game, Steve & Alex from Mincraft, and three fighters who were not announced when they were released. Challenger Pack 8 can be purchased exclusively at 99 5.99.

“Sephiroth will launch on December 22 as part of Challenger Pack 8, but fans will be able to unlock the fighter earlier by participating in a special boss battle in the game.

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“By pre-ordering the DLC (either separately or as part of Fighters Pass Volume 2), players will be able to take part in a special in – game Sephiroth Challenge starting today.

“If players have any difficulty before the official release of Fighter’s release, they can unlock Seferot, Northern Cave Stage and additional music tracks.”

Sephiroth moves:

This ensures that Sephiroth’s attack has a long way to go. His slash attacks do the most damage in the middle of the blade, while stabbing attacks do the most.

When a certain amount of damage is done it activates the winged form of Cefirot, which slightly increases his speed and power. He will also get an extra mid-air jump, and will have Super Armor for all his smash attacks.

Sephiroth’s forward air attack has a wide range, and you can use it to increase your recovery and stay on the side of a level.

Sephiroth’s Neutral B Special Move is three projectile moves depending on how much time you actually charge. Disassemble the flair with a single press, medium-charged megaflore, and full-charge destructive gigaflore.

Shadow Flare is Sephire’s strategic side B special move. He shoots a small projectile and it explodes around an explosive opponent and explodes after a short delay.

For its UpB special movie, Sephiroth performs a quick charging blade dash that can be aimed in any direction.

Zephyrot’s Dun B Special Move Cint is not a unique counterattack. This move will affect itself and will cause a lot of damage if it is curtailed.

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