Super Nintendo World looks out for new images, including rides in real life, including Mario Kart

Super Nintendo World looks out for new images, including rides in real life, including Mario Kart

Super Mario fans will get a first look at the opening of the new Super Nintendo World Theme Park in 2021, which will be completed with real life Mario Kart rides, Yoshi rides and Bows circus.

This is because we got the right look at the theme park, from the renderings of what the new rides will look like, to an overview of the land and a heap of surprises.

Opening at Universal Studios in Japan, this new offering is completely immersive and makes everything look like a real life mushroom kingdom.

In fact, you can buy a power-up band that links to the theme park’s app, so you can interact with the land, either by punching blocks to collect coins or by looking for special stamps for your stamps. Ranking in the game.

Now, thanks for the new images and renderings released by Theme Park.

View of the entrance to Bowser’s Castle and the beautiful Govan

Initially, the park revealed that there would be a real-life Bowser Castle for the public to explore, including a huge staircase and a huge stone statue of Bowser himself.

The new images show the same as in the Stone Castle game – and here you will find trophies and trophies from the Mario Kart Tournaments.

One of the most awaited offers is Mario Kart: Coupe’s Challenge Ride, which brings the iconic game to life.

View of life-sized Mario karts for a ride at the new Nintendo theme park
There will be a real life Mario kart ride

Yes, Riders can sit in life-sized Mario karts and have an exciting ride, including the opportunity to throw shells and take out opponents to claim the cup.

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Thanks to some high-tech developed reality, projection mapping and screen projection effects you will be fully immersed in the race. Each cart can hold up to four riders, and you can pick up some of your favorite tracks that you can play in the original game.

Close-up of one of the carts from the new Mario theme ride
You can take the same tracks of the iconic game

Thomas Geraffe, Senior Director, Innovation & Global Executive Producer, Mario Kart, said: The world’s first Mario Kart theme park, based on the Mario Kart series of games that have sold over 150 million units, is located in the heart of the riding castle. A real life racing adventure in collaboration with Universal Creative Nintendo Mario Kart to Japan: Coupe’s Challenge! Guests wear their headsets, which experience a never-ending thrill and excitement through the Mario Kart universe. ”

This is not the only trip to get excited. Young thrill seekers can take on Yoshi’s adventure, where they climb on Yoshi’s back and follow Captain Todd on a treasure hunt adventure, leading him to the mysterious Golden Egg for three eggs.

Rendering of the new Yoshi ride
Younger children can ride Yoshi

Along with the rides there will be plenty of Mario fans to explore, including theme restaurants, shops and other experiences.

Those who opt for power-up bands can accept the ‘Key Challenge’ attractions to get more character stamps and retrieve the golden mushroom stolen by Bowser Jr. Oh, yes – there is a dramatic boss battle that will ask you to “use your whole body and all your instincts to win”.

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A row of trophies from Mario Kart at the new Bowser Castle attraction
Bows will be in the castle for the Mario Kart ride

So – when does it open?

The much-anticipated offer will open on February 4 next year in collaboration with Nintendo at Universal Studios in Japan – the resort shares a first date.

It actually happened because it opened its doors this year, but the impact of the corona virus pandemic delayed it.

View of Bows Sir Castle

At the time of writing, Japan has been exempted from the Foreign Office’s advice on ‘all travel except’, although this does not mean that the British can go.

Now, the country has introduced a series of new entry requirements, and the visa waiver for anyone holding a British passport has been suspended.

You can find more in it FCDO Japan Travel Advice.

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