Super Moon, not Superman, is the ever-saving boat saver from the Suez Canal.

Super Moon, not Superman, is the ever-saving boat saver from the Suez Canal.
The isolated ship, one of the largest container ships in the world, was spotted on March 28, 2021 in the Suez Canal in Egypt. No results. No archives

Super Moon, not Superman, is the ever-saving boat saver from the Suez Canal.

On March 30, astronomy specialist Dr. Facebook posted a post on Matipon Tangamitham. About Full Moon The Moon near the Earth helps the merchant ship along the Suez Canal. More than half of world trade and shipping came to a standstill. Does anyone know who was behind helping the ships along the Suez Canal last week? In fact, it is a “supermoon” phenomenon.

A boat gets stuck in a canal, who do you call for help? We don’t call him Superman, but Supermoon!

Many people are aware of the Evergreen Merchant ship that sank in the Suez Canal recently. More than half of world trade and shipping came to a standstill. The ship was about 400 meters in size and weighed 200,000 tons and was stranded in shallow sand. Making a boat ride can be very difficult

But yesterday (March 29, 2021), more than six days after the Suez Canal was blocked, the boat finally became free.

But did you know that? Yesterday, another phenomenon occurred, namely, “Supermoon”.

But how do these two events relate to each other?

A supermoon or super full moon is a phenomenon in which two lunar events occur simultaneously. With the Moon near the Earth

Of course, the full moon is full. The full moon is formed when the moon is opposite the sun, due to the lunar eclipse that occurs every month. So it happens every 29.5 days, but the Moon’s orbit is elliptical. Therefore, it is very far from the earth and changes according to its orbit, which takes 27 days. As a result, the two periods (called the synodic period) are not equal, and the two phenomena coincide. But about every 14 full moon cycles that come back to match each other, yesterday is another day when these two events match each other.

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Both of these events were understood to be coincidental. Ever trying to recover what was given from the Suez Canal. This is because the tide is directly influenced by the moon, and the occurrence of a supermoon is a situation that allows maximum tidal force.

Tidal Force It is derived from the force of the tidal force. This is from gravity because gravity changes with distance. The part of the earth closest to the moon receives more gravity than the center of the earth. The liquids are drawn close to the moon. The water, meanwhile, receives less gravity from the Moon than the center of the Earth. The water on the opposite side of the moon can be compared to standing in an area where it falls at a high rate. So at high levels the tide rises twice a day

But the Sun is another celestial body that sends tides to the Earth, and the Sun is much larger than the Moon. But the sun is farther away than the moon. The tidal force coming from the Sun is weaker than the Moon. Only 1 in 3

But what makes it even more complicated is that the tidal force from these two bodies is not always in the same direction. It’s like two kids trying to pull a rubber band in different directions. Whenever the tidal energy from the sun and the moon complement each other. A phenomenon called “spring tide” occurs, which is the highest occurrence of low tide. But if both tidal forces are working in the vertical direction, the tidal force will be offset in some way. This causes a phenomenon known as the “Knip Tide”, which means that the magnitude of the tide is different from the lowest average.
The phenomenon of “water” occurs when the sun and moon come together. In the same direction or exactly opposite, for example, when the Moon is exactly opposite to the Sun on a full moon. In addition, the Moon’s orbit is constantly changing its distance from the Earth due to its elliptical shape. When the Moon is closest to the Earth, it emits the greatest tidal force.

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Both of these conditions occurred on March 29 because it was a supermoon phenomenon that caused the crew to rescue a boat on the Suez Canal. Try to seize the opportunity at high tide levels during this time. When trying to recover the last ship

Considering the size of the boat, which is 400 ലാണ് 56 m, the water level is more than 2 m during the highest tide. On Supermoon days, there is no longer a day when ships can board. Alternatives, such as lifting vessels from the ship, must be used before attempting to tow it again

But at the end of the day, Evergreen was able to rise again. Finally, the Suez Canal can be reused.

Of course, all of this happened. This is not just the result of Supermoon. But the Salvage team’s ongoing efforts to solve the problem range from excavation of the canal under the boat to digging with a mini loader (the tendency we make memes) to many dragons

But one thing that is undeniable is the team’s knowledge of supermoons, tidal waves and astronomy, ensuring that the team can use all available resources. At the most efficient time possible

Compiled by: Dr. Matipon Thangamathitam – Astronomer Dr.
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