Super Mario is a game that came to light in the Soviet era. Have you played it? | Sports House

Super Mario is a game that came to light in the Soviet era.  Have you played it?  |  Sports House

Daylight saw for the first time …

Super Mario is a popular computer game series developed by the Japanese company Nintendo. The character who first appeared in the Donkey Kong game was called Jumpman because of his jumping ability. However, in the sequel to the game, which was released a year later, the character was nicknamed Mario, as he is still called today. Launched in 1983, Mario Bros. became the first game, Whose name uses the name Mario. Since then, two major Nintendo gaming franchises have emerged: Mario and Donkey Kong.

“Super Mario”

The purpose of the game

The game takes place in the mushroom kingdom that controls the main character Mario. The latter often enlisted the help of Brother Luigi and other residents of the country. Since there are only two actions that Mario performs, controlling the character is straightforward: running and jumping. At the changing levels of the game, Nintendo’s logo confronts bad guys with different haircuts. The game is written based on simple situations that are repeated from time to time. For example, the protagonist often rescues the Peach Princess who was kidnapped by a rival browser. Launched in 1985, Super Mario Bros. also features special items that give Mario unlimited giveaways.

Did the developers make money?

Super Mario, one of the most popular series of computer games, is full of treasures. For example, Super Mario Brothers sold over 40 million copies. Such numbers allow the game to rank above all Nintendo works in terms of sales. It should also be noted that the Super Mario Brothers game alone did not receive such recognition. Super Mario World, currently ranked seventh, is a prime example of the best-selling game of all time. The new parts of the game, the excellent ratings, and the fact that millions of copies have been sold are the realities faced by the super creators. There is no doubt that they were able to make a significant profit from their work.

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