Super Mario Galaxy On Switch: Joy-con motion controls not required

Super Mario Galaxy On Switch: Joy-con motion controls not required

Nintendo Announced Super Mario 3D All-Stars Compilation On Thursday, it confirmed rumors that it would last a long time Super Mario64, Super Mario Sunshine, And Super Mario Galaxy Nintendo will re-release the switch. The third game on that list, released in 2007 for Motion-Control-Powered Wii, will use motion controls for certain aspects of the game. Joy-con does not seem to need motion control to play Super Mario Galaxy Switch on.

Based on that, it’s not immediately clear Super Mario 3D All-Stars Page on, Where players can “gently shake a Joy-con controller to activate Mario’s spin ability, or transfer a Joy-con controller to a friend for some extra help in Co – Star mode.” An asterisk for that phrase further states: “If the Nintendo Switch is playing with lights, detached joy-con controllers are required, sold separately.”

In the original version of Galaxy, The second player can control a cursor on the screen to capture star bits and fire at enemies; Help Mario jump; Or catch them to block enemies in their paths.

Polygon arrived at Nintendo to clarify the extent of the required motion controls Super Mario Galaxy Inside Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Received the following statement:

Super Mario Galaxy Supports TV, tablet and handheld modes. On TV and tablet modes, motion controls are required for pointer operation. In handheld mode, the pointer function is optimized for touch screen use.

Nintendo also confirmed it Super Mario 3D All-Stars Supports Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars It will be released for the switch on September 18th. Nintendo says the game will be released in limited distribution and will be available until March 31, 2021.

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