Super Mario 64 on Smartphones, Tablets, PCs and Macs: You Need a Browser to Play

Super Mario 64 on Smartphones, Tablets, PCs and Macs: You Need a Browser to Play

Super Mario, that is Last year he lit 35 candles, Is the best video game mascot, and Super Mario64 This is one of the most iconic headlines in the entire region. Released in Japan, USA and Canada in 1996 (while in Europe in 1997) in Nintendo 64, Nintendo’s masterpiece not only rewrote the rules of one of the most popular categories of the time, but also led the way in general. To create dense, layered and fun gameplay in a fully explorable 3D environment.

Of the many possible ways, today, there is one that is particularly simple and immediate to recover this classic. A This addressIn fact, it can be achieved A version of the game that is accessible through the browser and is compatible with practically all devices: So Android smartphones and tablets as well as iPhones, iPods, PCs and even Macs.

To be able to enjoy You need to connect a controller from the mobile From your PC or Mac to your device, you can jump around the garden of Peach Castle for instant self-satisfaction with the keyboard. The possibility of saving your progress is very interesting: in any case, the saved files will be lost if you clear the browser cache.

In short, this is a complete version of all versions of Super Mario 64 Can be played from start to finish. The only limitation Weather: What does the highly envious Nintendo, infamous for its intellectual features, need to put this work in crosshairs and make it disappear from the bloodstream? However, until then, Defeat the browser from the browser It’s not just a matter of words.

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