Super Green Pass After Third Dose, Here’s How To Recover A Certificate With Saving Tips On Your Mobile

Super Green Pass After Third Dose, Here's How To Recover A Certificate With Saving Tips On Your Mobile

Easy, fast and automatic. to get Super Green Pass Vaccination is enough. Once you have taken the new dose of the SARSCOV-2 immunization program, you only need to wait 48 hours to receive it. Here, step by step, how to achieve it.

How to book vaccination

Telematic platforms for booking vaccinations Each region is different. Uses tax code and health card number. Once inside the telematics system, the vaccine can be booked at the nearest location and considered the easiest at the time. You can go to the vaccination center with your reservation number on the due date. A form is filled out that will be brought to the attention of doctors who are authorized to take the dose or not.

You will be vaccinated at a later time, and you will be waiting as soon as you are done. In the meantime, he received the certificate “Anti SARS-Cov-2 / Covid-19 Vaccination”. The certificate shows the personal data of the vaccine, the code of the health officer who administered the dose, which vaccine was administered, which vaccine and which production batch.

How about the new Super Green Pass

With Third dose (If you have the Johnson & Johnson Jansen vaccine it is second to none) You will receive a new green pass. Indicates the number of newer doses (released since November 12), which may be only three: “2 out of 2” in the case of booster after Jansen vaccine, and “2 of 2” in the case of booster after two dose vaccines (such as Pfizer or Modona). , “3 in 3”, but also those who have been vaccinated abroad using vaccines not approved by the European Medicines Agency (e.g. Sputnik). From December 15, the validity of the Green Pass, from the first dose to the post-dose or post-recovery dose, passes from 12 to nine months from the date of administration..

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From Fake and Outdoor Masks to Super Green Passes: Everything You Need to Know Questions and answers

How to get a green pass

There are three ways to recover your Green Pass. Or on site (With Health Card or with Spid or Cie Digital Identity), or by downloading Immunization application O The, Or on your own website Electronic health record Of the reference area. Those who do not have a computer or smartphone can ask for help from a general practitioner, free choice pediatrician or pharmacist..

Certificate is retrieved using the site

You can access the site Additionally use two systems: o Spid or Cie authenticate with credentials or a health card (you will need the last 8 digits of the identification number, expiration date, and the unique code of the tampon or healing certificate or autocode authorization code. Received via email or SMS)

Certificate recovery from the Immune app

In the free downloadable app, you can go directly to the “Eu Digital Covid Certificate” section and recover the document by entering the last 8 digits of your health card, its expiration date, and one of the codes received. Tampon, Certificate of Healing or Authcode Authorization Code.

App retrieves certificate from iO

In the free downloadable app, the certificate will be immediately displayed and available in the Messages section.

Certificate recovery through electronic health record

Each region provides its electronic file, among other things, a platform on which to add its own health records. From here, log in with the required identifications and you can download the Green Pass.

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Green Pass: The fastest and simplest solution to show it

If you do not want to open an app or you have some difficulty showing the green pass every time (because the mobile phone field does not take well) there are always different solutions to have on hand. Print on it Photocopy paper This does not always allow the QR code to be easily scanned, as it will shrink if kept in a handbag and stored there for a long time. So many have sharpened their intellect and achieved it Plastic. There are also takers QR code And printed on it Credit card size To make it always available in your wallet.

However, for the more technical ones, the solutions are different: you can put in a green pass Phone wallpaper, Not only in downloaded images “Personal Messages ”in the Telegram. You can even do this on Whatsapp, with just one move: create one Team Delete it with the second person. That group (probably called ‘Green Pass’) can stay in our account for the rest of their lives Whatsapp Only one user, that’s us. You can leave at that time pdf Display and keep there as required for Green Certification. To find it and avoid the flow of messages, in this case enter the app and insert it or between the “fixed” conversations (always click on the name above, a few thumbnails will appear, select) or in the archived (it will go to a separate folder).

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