Sunday, October 3 – Can you make a holiday?

Sunday, October 3 - Can you make a holiday?

Why not turn a “missed” holiday into a holiday? This has already been discussed many times in politics. This year the call was made again, as the public holidays fall again on Sundays – including the German Unity Day on October 3rd. For example, you can give employees a Monday off.

Other countries are grabbing hold of the holidays

Countries such as Spain, Great Britain, Ireland and Belgium have already imposed similar restrictions. A special law has been passed in the USA for this purpose. George Washington’s birthday is always celebrated on the third Monday in February – even if February 22 is a free Sunday.

There are more public holidays in Germany

In this country, the proposal to replace public holidays has not been discussed further. The Association of Bavarian Economy (vbw) points out that the purpose of the holiday is not just to relax. In addition, as the General Manager estimates, Germany has an average of more public holidays than any other industrialized country.

“Although Germany already has one of the highest labor costs in the world, more vacation days are leading to a further increase in labor costs. Bertram Brosard, Association of Bavarian Business

The union is not reluctant

At the German Trade Union Federation in Bavaria, the proposal to create a free public holiday that falls on a working Sunday is not rejected. Acting DGB Country Manager Verna de Pascual welcomes models from other countries:

“In principle, DGB Bayern is open to all measures that give employees more time off from work, leisure and family.” Verna de Pascual, DGB Bavaria

On the other hand, DGB Bose criticizes the debate over whether to approve more Sunday shopping in Bavaria for no reason.

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Surcharge for employees is partially waived

However, for many employees, there is another reason why a Sunday, a public holiday, is not exactly popular: they have lost supplements. There are still no laws in place to provide such compensation to those who have to work on Sundays or public holidays. But surcharges are partly fixed in employment and collective bargaining agreements or company agreements.

If a surcharge is paid, it is also tax free to a certain extent. Making a public holiday on a working day will be financially rewarding for those affected. There will be a surcharge on Sundays and holidays. However, it depends on what is specifically regulated in the contracts or agreements.

There is no double surcharge on Easter Sunday

In a case involving Easter, the Federal Labor Court made one thing clear: Sunday is the public holiday and Sunday is the only surcharge. The employer does not have to pay twice. However, unlike Easter Monday or Good Friday, Easter Sunday is not a protected public holiday in Bavaria – it is October 3.

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